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TAPA APAC Joins Dell Technologies SRO Future Talent Connection Event to Empower Future Security Professionals

TAPA APAC Joins Dell Technologies SRO Future Talent Connection Event to                 Empower Future Security Professionals

In a meaningful collaboration to foster knowledge and awareness among the next generation of security professionals, the Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC) proudly partnered with Dell Technologies for the SRO Future Talent Connection Event. The event, held on the 26th of July at Yishun Innova Junior College, aimed to equip students with essential skills and insights in the ever-evolving fields of cyber security and supply chain security. At the helm of this partnership stood Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC, who delivered compelling presentation and participated in the panel discussion on Cyber Security, Supply Chain Resilience, and Sustainability.

A Collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility Effort

The SRO Future Talent Connection Event was an integral part of Dell Technologies’ school outreach programme, designed to nurture and empower the future workforce by instilling them with crucial supply chain skills and knowledge related to cyber security and security management. As the landscape of threats becomes increasingly complex and demanding, this collaboration sought to bridge the knowledge gap and prepare the students for the challenges that lie ahead.

The presence of Tony, an esteemed figure in the realm of supply chain planning, security and Chairman of TAPA APAC, added a touch of expertise and credibility to the event. With extensive experience in the industry, Tony’s presentation offered valuable insights into understanding the various threats faced in the supply chain and the importance of robust security measures in combating crime. His expertise further shed light on the significance of TAPA Standards, which have been developed to ensure the integrity of supply chains and protect valuable assets from theft and tampering.

“This event was an exceptional opportunity to inspire and empower the future generation of security professionals. Through this partnership with Dell Technologies, TAPA APAC is taking an active role in shaping the future of supply chain security and cyber security, reinforcing the importance of resilience, sustainability, and collaboration in safeguarding our global networks”, Tony commented on the success of the event.

The event also emphasized the critical need for cyber security professionals in today’s technology-driven world. As businesses continue to adopt digital solutions and the internet of things (IoT) becomes increasingly prevalent, cyber threats have grown more sophisticated and pervasive. Students understood about the threats of digital transactional frauds and theft schemes and the precautions to take for online payment, as shared by Mr. Danny Chan, Regional Security Officer & CISO of Mastercard. Mr. Dickson Sze’s presentation followed on to zoom into how Cyber Security address these concerns and urged the students to play an active role in safeguarding digital assets and protecting the privacy of individuals and organizations alike.

Ms. Keng Fong, Regional Resilience Lead of Dell Technologies, shed light on the importance of formulating comprehensive crisis management strategies, ensuring swift and decisive action during unforeseen events. She emphasized the significance of Business Continuity planning, enabling organizations to maintain essential operations and services in the face of disruptions. Keng Fong also delved into Disaster Recovery, highlighting the need for robust procedures and technologies to recover critical systems and data following a disaster. Through her engaging session, Keng Fong empowered the audience with essential knowledge and best practices, enabling them to enhance their resilience and safeguard their organizations from unexpected challenges in today’s dynamic business landscape.

“As we look forward to the positive outcomes of this collaboration, it serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we hold in securing our supply chains, protecting our digital assets, and safeguarding the sustainability of our planet. Together, TAPA APAC and Dell Technologies have taken a proactive step in shaping a safer, more secure future”, said Matt Lee, Corporate Security Director of Dell Technologies and Vice-Chairman of TAPA APAC.

The fusion of TAPA APAC’s Standards and knowledge in supply chain resilience and Dell Technologies’ innovative solutions brought together a potent mix that resonated with the young audience, inspiring them to consider pursuing careers in the realm of cyber security and supply chain management.

This collaboration between TAPA APAC and Dell Technologies holds immense promise for the future, as it sets the stage for nurturing the next generation of security professionals. By imparting knowledge, skills, and values to the students, the partnership seeks to build a robust talent pool capable of driving innovation and meeting the security challenges of tomorrow.

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