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To implement TAPA Standards, non-members are required to pay a certification administration fee for the processing of non-member audits. This allows the certificate to be issued by TAPA-Approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs).

Please note that TAPA Standards require that a Buyer/Logistics Service Provider(LSP)/Supply Chain Service Provider (SSP)/Applicant must have a TAPA-trained Authorized Auditor (AA) in place in their organisation before the certification audits can be performed. To become an AA, they have to complete the relevant TAPA Standard(s) training and pass the examination that the company is seeking certification for.

Alternatively, by joining TAPA APAC members, companies can benefit from these services that are provided free for members, alongside a host of other major benefits to improve supply chain resilience and sustainability.

To request for a Non-Member Certification, please Contact Us.

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