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Vaccine Impact: Heightened Security Risk on Pharma Supply Chain & Cargo Theft

As the vaccine distribution continues across the world, Interpol has issued a global alert to all of its 194-member countries, warning governments, businesses and...

Industry 4.0: Technology Adoption for Facility Protection

Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in global supply chains and increased usage of new technologies and IoT infrastructures. With the heightened...

Securing Road Freight: Risk Assessment & Data Intelligence [Mandarin]

请加入我们讨论供应链必要的下一步 – 如何使用数据智能来评估道路运输和货运路线风险。随着物流服务提供商的更改和适应新路线,供应链在公路运输安全上面临新的漏洞和挑战。

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Your climate change goals may have a maritime shipping problem

The international cargo and container shipping industry plays a central role in global supply chains, but until recently has made few inroads toward decarbonization....

Public goodwill can create better policies, trucking leaders say.

One positive stemming from COVID-19 is that over the past year and a half, the trucking industry regained the essential status it once had...

How logistics companies can reboot the last mile

Getting last mile delivery right has long been a challenge for retailers. In 2019, 97% of retail organisations felt their last-mile delivery models were not sustainable...

Japan to let banks and securities companies share customer data

Japan's Financial Services Agency intends to lift the ban on sharing customer information between banks and securities companies within the same group. The watchdog...

How secrecy on cybersecurity is giving hackers an advantage

Business is booming for cyber extortionists. DarkSide, a hacking group that shut down a key US oil pipeline in May, has collected over $90...

Could APEC play a role in boosting supply chain resilience

APEC Regional Trends Analysis report found the APEC region is expected to grow by 6.3% in 2021, but the recovery is going to be...

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