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UpComing Webinar: Pitfalls, Hints and Tips for the intermodal Sea-container Transportation. Register now.

Join us on this free webinar to learn about the intermodal sea-container security risks as well as available solutions for used for mitigation measures....

Vaccine Impact: Heightened Security Risk on Pharma Supply Chain & Cargo Theft

As the vaccine distribution continues across the world, Interpol has issued a global alert to all of its 194-member countries, warning governments, businesses and...

Industry 4.0: Technology Adoption for Facility Protection

Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in global supply chains and increased usage of new technologies and IoT infrastructures. With the heightened...

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South Australia splashes out on space, defence, and cybersecurity in 2021-22 Budget

In taking a forward-looking approach into what the future of South Australia will look like, the South Australian government has announced it will bolster...

Chinese port faces COVID-19 outbreak; global shipments suffer delay.

Disruption at the Yantian terminal in China's Shenzhen city after a few workers tested positive for COVID-19 is causing shipment delays. The terminal, which...

Google SLSA, Linux Foundation Drops SBOM for Supply Chain Security Boost

Google and the Linux Foundation separately debuted new tools to improve supply chain security, with a specific focus on open source software, as federal agencies work...

Global chip shortage: 5 million Hong Kong dollars chips were robbed during transportation in Hong Kong

A logistics company was hired to transport a batch of high-priced electronic chips worth about HK$5 million to the warehouse of the industrial building....

Taiwan tech firms fear fallout after US raises supply chain alarm

Tech suppliers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have been bracketed alongside China as "dangerous risks" to U.S. national security -- underlining how Washington's...

Where do liabilities lie in maritime incidents and do flag states matter?

As Sri Lanka deals with its worst marine ecological disaster after the sinking of a Singapore-registered container ship, questions have been raised about who...

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