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Facility Security Requirements (FSR)

The TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) 2023 Standards specify the minimum industry requirements for secure warehousing, or in-transit storage, within a supply chain. It outlines the processes and methods to be used in attaining and maintaining the TAPA FSR certification for their facilities and transit storage operations.

Developed by supply chain security professionals, TAPA FSR Standards help to protect valuable and theft-targeted products in facilities across the supply chain, including warehouse operations and distribution centres. The FSR Standards are reviewed every 3 years, in consultation with the TAPA APAC members and expert professionals, to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency in addressing new or emerging threats to supply chain security.

It is a common global Standard that is used in business and/or security agreements between Buyers and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and/or other applicants seeking TAPA certification. TAPA Standards serve as their key criteria in partners selection to ensure that the parties’ security levels are aligned on an recognized Standard worldwide for end-to-end supply chain resilience. It is the intention of TAPA APAC members to select suppliers and/or partners that meet or exceed TAPA certification requirements.

Typical users of the TAPA FSR Standards include:
  • Buyers
  • LSPs/Applicants
  • Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) or other governmental organizations
  • Professional Supply Chain Organizations
  • Insurers

To attain the TAPA FSR certification, the LSP/Applicant needs to adopt the specifications detailed in the Standards and pass the audit process required, either through the Self-Audit option by TAPA Authorized Auditors (AA) for the minimum level (TAPA APAC certification), or an external audit by TAPA-Approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs) for all levels of FSR certification (IAB certification). Successful implementation of the FSR is dependent upon buyers, suppliers and auditors working in concert to accurately interpret, adopt and audit against these requirements.

TAPA recognizes the multiple differences in how storage services are provided globally, regionally, and even within companies, and that the FSR may apply to all or part of the services provided by a LSP/Applicant. Depending on the complexity and size of the supply chain, compliance with TAPA Standards may be achieved through a single LSP/Applicant or multiple LSPs/Applicants and qualified subcontractors. In exceptional circumstances, the LSP/Applicant may be confronted to submit a request for Waivers on specific security requirement(s) in part or whole on behalf of the Buyer, in which TAPA APAC will evaluate the request on a case-to-case basis. After implementation of TAPA Standards, TAPA APAC reserves the right to conduct Shadow Audits to ensure that the LSP/Applicant upholds the Standard requirements.

TAPA FSR Standards offer 3 levels of certification:
  • FSR Level A: Elevated Level (IAB certification, Single site or Multisite)
  • FSR Level B: Moderate Level (IAB certification, Single site or Multisite)
  • FSR Level C: Standard Level (IAB certification or TAPA APAC certification, Single site)
Multisite Certification

To support companies seeking to certify three or more facilities at the same time, TAPA offers a FSR Multisite Certification option. FSR Multisite Certification is only available for FSR Level A and B, and audit must be conducted only through IAB certification.

Multisite certification establishes minimum security requirements as required by the TAPA Standards, as well as operational and cost efficiencies between multiple sites. It also promotes the sharing of industry best practices for risk mitigation and loss prevention and supports a ‘team’ approach to obtaining and maintaining compliance with the FSR Standards. For companies with existing multiple FSR certifications, choosing to re-certify using the FSR Multisite Certification option should reduce the overall cost by allowing multiple sites to be listed under one parent certification, while still upholding the intentions and integrity of the Standards.

For further information or to request for Multisite Certification, please Contact Us.


To request for TAPA Standards document including audit forms and self-certification forms, please click “Request a Document” below. Standard documents are only for valid TAPA APAC members.

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