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Security Service Providers

TAPA APAC brings together esteemed providers of supply chain security products and services – Security Service Providers (SSPs), offering Manufacturer & Shipper and Logistics Service Provider members valuable insights into cutting-edge security solutions designed to safeguard goods during storage and transportation.

This dynamic platform serves as an ideal forum for discovering new product innovations and setting benchmarks for a diverse array of security solutions available to fortify supply chains against criminal and other security threats.

As an integral part of the TAPA APAC member community, Security Service Providers (SSPs) benefit from engaging with a vast and rapidly expanding network of supply chain security product and service users and buyers. This interaction enriches their understanding of the unique security requirements within the supply chain industry.

TAPA APAC selectively welcomes a limited number of Security Service Provider (SSP) companies as members. To qualify, SSPs must specialize in supply chain security and make it their primary business objective. TAPA APAC seeks SSP members who can collectively showcase a wide-ranging array of supply chain security solutions, leveraging their specialist knowledge and experience to benefit Manufacturer & Shipper and Logistics Service Provider members.

Please note that SSPs are restricted from selling their products or services within the TAPA APAC community. This ensures a focused and unbiased platform for fostering collaborative growth and innovation in the realm of supply chain security.

Year-long Benefits as a TAPA APAC Member:
  • Access to TAPA’s global Security Standards and certification programmes
  • Training courses to support the adoption of TAPA Security Standards
  • Access to TAPA APAC Intelligence System (TIS) database to understand the types of supply chain crimes, incident locations and the modus operandi used by criminals, database of Secure Warehouse and Trucking locations, and mapping tool to help you plan secure transport routes
  • TIS Incident alerts as well as monthly, quarterly and annual cargo crime intelligence statistics and reports to help you understand and manage risk in your supply chain
  • Regular TAPA APAC insights on supply chain resilience news, industry trends and Lookout e-Magazine
  • Help for you and your partners with adopting TAPA’s industry-leading Security Standards for Facilities, Trucking, Guarding and Risk Assessment
  • Delegate slot(s) to TAPA APAC’s events and conferences, including annual conference, seminars, panel discussions and workshops for unique networking opportunities and to exchange ideas, information and best practices
  • Be part of the fastest growing Supply Chain Community of TAPA-certified industry leaders, organizations and authorities for valued partnership and supply chain planning
  • Usage of TAPA APAC logo as a resilient and competitive business in Asia Pacific

Membership Application

Join a proactive community of over 750 member companies and partners in the APAC region to build supply chain resilience and sustainability. 

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