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TAPA Self-Audit is an option for audit assessment for companies seeking TAPA certification. It is currently free for all TAPA APAC members.

Self-Audit is suitable for companies that are:
  • Seeking certification for the minimum level of TAPA Standards and,
  • Prefer to conduct the audit internally rather than engaging an external Independent Audit Body (IAB) for IAB certification

Members who plan to apply and complete the TAPA Self-Audit process for the minimum levels of TAPA Standards are required to have a TAPA trained in-house Authorized Auditor (AA) who have completed the training and passed the examination fir the relevant TAPA Standard that the company is seeking certification for.

Self-Audit Process

The company is required to submit a form before creating a Self-Audit Account to proceed for the Self-Audit Assessment via a link provided. To support companies with their Self-Audit process, TAPA has produced a Self-Audit User Guide to provide instructional steps for the entire process.

To request for Self-Audit, please Contact Us.

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