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America’s Biggest chipmaker to Built Advanced 3D Chip Packaging Facility in Penang

To regain its global lead in semiconductor manufacturing, America's largest chipmaker plans to quadruple capacity for its most advanced chip packaging services by 2025, including establishing a new facility in Malaysia. This marks the company first overseas facility for advanced 3D chip packaging, with an additional chip assembly and testing factory built in Kulim as…

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China Prioritizes the Advancement of Computing Power

China prioritizes advancing computing power for its rapidly expanding digital economy, recognizing it as the cornerstone of digitization. With over 41% of its economic output coming from the digital economy, China possesses the world's second-largest computing capacity. To catch up with global competition, China aims to accelerate the construction of national computing hubs and data centers…

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Swedish 5G Leader Establish Global 5G Equipment Manufacturing Supply Chain in Malaysia

A leading Swedish telecommunications company in the field of 5G technology has enhanced its contribution to Malaysia's economy by establishing its first 5G manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia, specifically in Penang. This company has had a presence in Malaysia since 1965 and is currently rolling out the 5G network in the country. As a world leader…

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TAPA APAC Joins Dell Technologies SRO Future Talent Connection Event to Empower Future Security Professionals

TAPA APAC Joins Dell Technologies SRO Future Talent Connection Event to                 Empower Future Security Professionals In a meaningful collaboration to foster knowledge and awareness among the next generation of security professionals, the Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC) proudly partnered with Dell Technologies for the SRO…

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