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Hong Kong Customs Seizes $1 Million Worth of Counterfeit Products at River Trade Terminal


Hong Kong Customs recently confiscated counterfeit goods valued at $1 million at the Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal Customs Cargo Examination Compound.

The counterfeit goods include approximately 900 items, 1,300 suspected smuggled nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes, and 6,100 electronic cigarette accessories.

This operation was carried out after a careful risk assessment of a 40-foot container that arrived in Hong Kong from Nansha, Guangdong, with its final destination being Italy.

The confiscated items consisted of counterfeit footwear, apparel, purses, sunglasses, and the alleged smuggled electronic cigarettes and accessories.

An investigation is underway, and Hong Kong Customs is committed to enhancing cooperation with law enforcement agencies domestically and internationally.

They will also continue to take strict enforcement measures against smuggling counterfeit goods and alternative smoking products across borders.

It should be noted that under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, individuals who import or export products with falsified trademarks can be charged with an offense.

According to Hong Kong Customs, the maximum penalty includes a $2 million fine and a seven-year prison sentence if convicted.

Furthermore, anyone who imports alternative smoking products, such as electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products, herbal cigarettes, and associated equipment, components, and accessories, is in violation of the Import and Export Ordinance.

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