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Research Executive

Kris, a dedicated professional with a strong background in research, analysis, and security, is now a valuable asset to TAPA APAC as the Research Executive to take charge of the upcoming TAPA APAC Intelligence System (TIS). With a wealth of experience focused on research for prominent financial institutions in the Philippines, Kristoffer’s expertise in providing accurate and transparent factual data is second to none.

In this new role, Kris spearheads the TIS research efforts related to cargo and supply chain incidents, monitoring daily cargo crime occurrences and industry news on multiple platforms. Kris understands the importance of upkeeping the TIS tool with the latest crime and TAPA certification data and providing statistical-based analysis and reports for TAPA APAC members’ route planning decisions. His passion for continuous learning and staying at the forefront of data-driven decision-making ensures that TAPA APAC members will benefit from accurate and up-to-date insights in this critical domain. As Kris takes this journey with TAPA APAC, he envisions becoming the foremost expert in the cargo crime field, contributing his friendly demeanour and willingness to assist members wherever needed.

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