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TAPA APAC Presents Token of Appreciation to Roman Luth for his Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the TAPA Guarding Security Requirements (GSR) Standard 2023 Version

The Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC) recently bestowed a well-deserved token of appreciation upon Mr. Roman C. Luth for his invaluable contributions to the development of the Guarding Security Requirements (GSR) Standard 2023 version. The TAPA GSR 2023 Standard has been released recently in June 2023 as the association’s continuous effort to review and update their international supply chain Standards every three years. Roman Luth’s dedication and expertise have significantly elevated the security measures in the transportation and logistics industry, making a lasting impact on the safety of goods throughout Asia Pacific.

Transporting valuable goods has always been a challenge due to the constant threat of theft and security breaches. TAPA APAC is always at the forefront of creating industry-specific security Standards to protect its member companies’ supply chain from potential risks. The TAPA GSR 2023 Standard is one of the highly-respected and widely-adopted Standard in the region that specifies the minimum requirements for secure guarding facilities and services provided by guarding operators. TAPA APAC has also conducted their first GSR 2023 Training on June 20, for its members in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Roman is a prominent figure in the supply chain security industry, has been actively involved in various projects to improve guarding resilience for companies. His tireless efforts and leadership played a pivotal role in shaping the GSR Standard 2023 version. As a dynamic and forward-thinking professional, he collaborated with TAPA APAC and various stakeholders, including industry experts, government agencies, and logistics companies, to incorporate cutting-edge guarding security practices into the new version, making several key enhancements in the 2023 version.

Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC, praised, “Roman’s visionary leadership and contribution have not only improved the security landscape but also elevated the reputation of TAPA APAC as a leading authority and association in supply chain resilience. Together with industry leaders, security experts, and TAPA APAC members, we would like to express our gratitude for Roman’s dedication and passion in driving forward the resilience agenda. His tireless efforts and commitment to enhancing supply chain security have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the industry.”

TAPA APAC’s token of appreciation is a well-deserved recognition of Roman’s outstanding contribution. TAPA GSR 2023 Standard and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations to prioritize resilience, security and collaboration in the supply chain industry.

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