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TAPA APAC Emphasized Resilience Against Counterfeits at the ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition 2023


As an esteemed Supporting Partner, TAPA APAC participated in the ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition 2023, with the theme of “Anti-Counterfeiting, Trademark & Brand Protection” on the 26th and 27th July at the Dusit Thani Laguna, Singapore. The conference aimed to address the challenges and threats posed by counterfeiting and provide solutions to secure supply chains and protect brands. There has been an increase in counterfeit goods trade due to eCommerce and digital trade explosion in ASEAN, with Asia Pacific accounting for over 80% of counterfeit goods either manufactured or traded. Counterfeit goods not only include products but also forged documents, including standard certifications.

On the opening remarks of the second day, Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC, highlighted the challenges faced by supply chains in combating counterfeiting and the vulnerabilities they encounter. The key issues include the lack of visibility, poor security framework and the need for data insights to better track inventory and incidents in a complex global network, which makes it difficult to respond quickly to disruptions or mitigate it in the first place. Following this, Tony shared how TAPA members utilize TAPA Intelligence System (TIS) as a solution to prevent crime, protect supply chains, and employees to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. As a database of worldwide crime hotspots, smuggled goods, and counterfeit seizures, cargo crime intelligence gathered from members and reliable sources are used to latest incident crime alerts and provide additional insights for risk mitigation.

“The way forward to secure supply chains involves a multi-faceted approach, focusing on resilience and collaboration. This means we need greater emphasis on training supply chain professionals with skills to prevent, detect and respond. It is also important to leveraging advanced technologies for anti-counterfeiting measures that help trace products through the supply chain and verify their authenticity. One important method is through establishing close collaboration with suppliers, partners, and industry stakeholders to share best practices and intelligence to identify and address potential vulnerabilities”, said Tony.

Mr. Madu Lokan, Executive Director of TAPA APAC, continued in the next keynote and presented, “the power of TAPA Standards provide a structured framework for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection initiatives for companies. When TAPA Standards Certifications are incorporated into security programmes, TAPA APAC member companies tighten their processes against potential supply chain loss, ensuring alignment between stakeholders, including suppliers and third-party sellers through contractual agreements.” Workforce upskilling on TAPA Standards and the use of TAPA APAC’s blockchain certificates were highlighted for credibility and authenticity.

Overall, the ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition 2023 provided valuable insights and solutions to combat counterfeiting, protect brands, and secure supply chains through collaboration, technology, and adherence to established standards. TAPA APAC is committed to support industry stakeholders including manufacturers, logistics service providers, law enforcement agencies, ports and customs, to enhance supply chain resilience against counterfeits and cargo losses through illegal diversions.

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