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An Automotive Manufacturer’s Japan Production at Standstill as System Failure Hits All 14 Assembly Plants

The world's largest automaker, a multinational automotive manufacturer, has temporarily shut down all 14 of its assembly plants in Japan due to a malfunction in its production system. This has resulted in a complete halt to domestic output. While the cause of the glitch is being investigated, a spokesperson has stated that it is unlikely…

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Technology Companies Halt Laptop Imports to India After Sudden Curbs

Following an abrupt ban on inbound shipments without a license by the Indian government, multinational technology companies have decided to halt the import of laptops and tablets to India. Regulators surprised major PC makers by making licenses mandatory for importing electronics, ranging from small tablets to all-in-one PCs. While laptop makers had anticipated some government measures…

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Mine Attack on a Freight Train Delays Yangon-Mandalay Passenger Express Train Schedules

According to the Station Master of Yangon Railway Station, on August 18, a mine attack targeted a freight train traveling from Mandalay to Yangon. This incident led to temporary suspension of the Yangon-Mandalay passenger express train schedules. The specific train involved was the 924 downstream train, and the explosion occurred between Kanyut Kwin and Taw Kywein…

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China Prioritizes the Advancement of Computing Power

China prioritizes advancing computing power for its rapidly expanding digital economy, recognizing it as the cornerstone of digitization. With over 41% of its economic output coming from the digital economy, China possesses the world's second-largest computing capacity. To catch up with global competition, China aims to accelerate the construction of national computing hubs and data centers…

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China’s Growth Now Relies on Auto Sector Performance

A supply chain news channel survey evaluates and ranks the technological and automotive supply chains of 5,000 enterprises in countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. The study focuses on financial metrics such as revenue and net profit, primarily focusing on the technological and automotive supply chains within significant Asian economies.…

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Japan Eyes Tax Break for Domestic EV Battery, Chip Production

According to a recent newspaper report, Japan is considering implementing tax breaks starting in April 2024 for domestically-produced electric vehicle (EV) batteries and semiconductors to bolster economic security. As part of the government's fiscal 2024 tax code revision, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to propose these tax cuts for companies that manufacture strategically…

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Shanghai Pudong Expo Area Administration Bureau Delegates Visit TAPA APAC: Fostering Collaboration with Associations

Shanghai Pudong Expo Area Administration Bureau Delegates Visit TAPA APAC: Fostering Collaboration with Associations On the 13th of July 2023, Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC) had the honour of hosting the official visit of delegates from the Expo Area Administration Bureau of Shanghai Pudong New Area at their office in Singapore. This…

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India Mandates Licensing for Laptop, Tablet Imports in Blow to Technology Companies.

With immediate effect, India has announced that it will require a licensing process for the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers. This decision is anticipated to have a significant impact on technology companies, potentially compelling them to enhance local manufacturing efforts. Previously, India allowed the free import of laptops, but the new rule establishes…

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Join TAPA’s Intelligence Service (TIS) and Enhance Your Supply Chain Resilience

  We are excited to extend an invitation to join and pre-register your interest in our upcoming launch of TAPA's Intelligence Service (TIS) in APAC – an essential platform that provides cargo crime intelligence to support your supply chain resilience programs. As a TAPA APAC member, you are already aware of the invaluable benefits our organization offers,…

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