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Navigating the Modern Logistics Landscape in India: TAPA APAC at the Prestigious National Logistics Summit 2023

Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC), as a Lanyard Partner, proudly participated in the National Logistics Summit 2023 held at PHD House in New Delhi, India, on 11th August 2023. The summit, with the theme of “Navigating the Challenges & Opportunities of the Modern Logistics Landscape,” brought together leading industry players and government authorities to discuss the best practices for planning and executing logistics in the changing business landscape.

India’s logistics industry is undergoing a massive transformation in growth, driven by the country’s expanding economy, increasing consumer demand, and globalization. However, the industry also faces challenges such as inadequate infrastructure to match with its growth, inefficient supply chains, complex regulatory requirements, and a shortage of skilled labour.

With a focus on providing solutions to address these challenging factors, the participation, knowledge sharing, insights, support and way forward plans from the government authorities and the speakers proved the summit was very well curated with high quality contents and action plans.

Mr. Madu Lokan, Executive Director of TAPA APAC, participated as a panellist on the topic “Logistics Ratings and Certifications: Building Trust and Ensuring Quality.” The panel consisted of a Buyer, Reseller, Logistics Service Provider, Supply Chain consultant and TAPA. Madu showcased the role of TAPA and how TAPA is a business enabler addressing the challenges faced by supply chains worldwide, especially in India, uncovering the vulnerabilities encountered and emphasizing the need for robust solutions.

Madu emphasized the importance of ratings and certifications in the supply chain, highlighted the need for collaboration, training, and utilising TAPA programmes to ensure the supply chains are secured and resilient. TAPA globally has various working relationships with the Regulatory Bodies as well as Law Enforcement Agencies. By embracing and implementing TAPA’s globally recognised and respected Standards, manufacturers and logistics service providers are upskilling their workforce capabilities, levelling up their supply chains which helps reduce disruptions, losses and helps the industry to confidently navigate the complex logistics landscape. The roll out and implementation of TAPA Standards has proven to be of huge business value even to the ancillary supply chain industry like equipment suppliers, consultants as well as insurance companies.

TAPA APAC Board Directors, Mr. Ratnakar Bade and Mr. Chandran Mavila, also participated and were of great support to TAPA APAC team in the booth and networking with the delegates and dignitaries.

The National Logistics Summit 2023 overall provided valuable insights into various aspects of the logistics industry. TAPA APAC’s active participation in the Summit is a commitment to address the myriad challenges, contribute to progress and efficiency, utilise opportunities effectively and help navigate securely the modern logistics landscape in India.


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