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Tragic Explosion at Thailand Fireworks Factory Claims Lives of At Least 20 People

An explosion occurred at a fireworks factory in central Thailand, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 20 lives, as reported by the...

Truck Carrying ‘Maurang’ Looted

A gang of attackers looted a truck carrying construction material on New Jail Road in Gosainhanj. The assailants, traveling in a car, intercepted the...

Three Arrested for Heist of 1,500 Branded Shoes Valued at Rs 1 Crore

Three individuals, identified as truck drivers, have been apprehended by Attibele police for allegedly stealing 1,558 pairs of shoes valued at about Rs 1.1...

Join us in APAC supported and run by a full time secretariat team of administrators under the appointed Executive Director of TAPA APAC. FSR, TSR and GSR are the common certification awards across various sites of member countries from ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea, India Sub-continent as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Navi Mumbai Police Launch Investigation into Rs 85.6 Lakh Cargo Theft

Navi Mumbai Police have taken swift action after a major theft at a shipping and logistics company in Uran. An official statement released on...

Indian Government Crackdown Leads to Cancellation of Licenses for 64 Pharma Companies

Indian authorities have revoked licenses of 64 pharmaceutical companies within a year, while 17 drug testing labs have been instructed to cease operations due...

Japan Takes Stand Against Counterfeits with First Physical Facility to Detect Fake Food Exports in Thailand

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) has established a consultation desk, the first of its kind, under the leadership of its Export...

Fake Antibiotics Intended for Doctors’ Supply Seized in Gujarat, India

In a startling revelation stemming from the crackdown on a counterfeit antibiotics operation in Gujarat, it has been discovered that the intended recipients of...

Missiles Fired at Iran-bound Cargo Ship, Endangering Shipping Route Connecting Asia, Europe and Middle East

Yemeni Houthis reportedly fired two missiles on Monday at a vessel that was bound for a port-based in Iran, causing minor damages but zero...

Experts Warn of Possible Terrorist Attack by North Korea

Experts gave a warning on Wednesday about a potential terrorist assault by North Korea, stating that the regime's public abandonment of peaceful unification with...

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