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Warehouse Storing EV Batteries Burns Down in Thailand

Following the recent fire at a warehouse in Chatuchak district, Thailand, where electric vehicle (EV) batteries were stored, the Bangkok Governor has shown swift and proactive leadership. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, the Governor has instructed local officials to conduct a thorough assessment of the affected warehouse. Additionally, the Governor has announced plans to…

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55 Kg Gold Vanishes from Dhaka International Airport Customs Godown

Officials have reported approximately 55.5 kg of gold bars and jewellery worth around Tk 47 crore (US$4,271,136.28) have been stolen from a customs warehouse at Dhaka airport. The customs warehouse filed a case when four assistant revenue officers (AROs) and four guards failed to provide satisfactory answers regarding the incident. The stolen valuables were originally seized between…

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