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America’s Biggest chipmaker to Built Advanced 3D Chip Packaging Facility in Penang

To regain its global lead in semiconductor manufacturing, America's largest chipmaker plans to quadruple capacity for its most advanced chip packaging services by 2025, including establishing a new facility in Malaysia. This marks the company first overseas facility for advanced 3D chip packaging, with an additional chip assembly and testing factory built in Kulim as…

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China’s Growth Now Relies on Auto Sector Performance

A supply chain news channel survey evaluates and ranks the technological and automotive supply chains of 5,000 enterprises in countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. The study focuses on financial metrics such as revenue and net profit, primarily focusing on the technological and automotive supply chains within significant Asian economies.…

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Japan Eyes Tax Break for Domestic EV Battery, Chip Production

According to a recent newspaper report, Japan is considering implementing tax breaks starting in April 2024 for domestically-produced electric vehicle (EV) batteries and semiconductors to bolster economic security. As part of the government's fiscal 2024 tax code revision, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to propose these tax cuts for companies that manufacture strategically…

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