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Technology Companies Halt Laptop Imports to India After Sudden Curbs

Following an abrupt ban on inbound shipments without a license by the Indian government, multinational technology companies have decided to halt the import of laptops and tablets to India. Regulators surprised major PC makers by making licenses mandatory for importing electronics, ranging from small tablets to all-in-one PCs. While laptop makers had anticipated some government measures…

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Nearly $400,000 Worth of Technology Company Counterfeit Products Found in Shipments from Hong Kong

According to authorities, federal entities have intercepted and seized nearly $400,000 worth of a multinational technology company counterfeit products. These counterfeit items were discovered in shipments from Hong Kong and seized at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport complex and Ontario International Airport. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection representative stated that the counterfeit items, including watches and…

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Li-ion Battery Fires Caused $78 Million in Damage in 4 Years Across Japan

The environment ministry in Japan is urging caution as there have been multiple fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, commonly found in portable chargers and other products, occurring in garbage trucks and waste disposal facilities. It is believed that the increase in the variety of products utilizing these batteries is the reason for the recurring fires.…

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America’s Biggest chipmaker to Built Advanced 3D Chip Packaging Facility in Penang

To regain its global lead in semiconductor manufacturing, America's largest chipmaker plans to quadruple capacity for its most advanced chip packaging services by 2025, including establishing a new facility in Malaysia. This marks the company first overseas facility for advanced 3D chip packaging, with an additional chip assembly and testing factory built in Kulim as…

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India Mandates Licensing for Laptop, Tablet Imports in Blow to Technology Companies.

With immediate effect, India has announced that it will require a licensing process for the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers. This decision is anticipated to have a significant impact on technology companies, potentially compelling them to enhance local manufacturing efforts. Previously, India allowed the free import of laptops, but the new rule establishes…

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Million Dollar GPU Counterfeiting Ring Busted by Chinese Police

Chinese authorities have apprehended 22 individuals connected to the illicit sale of counterfeit GPUs through online platforms. Following a year-long investigation, this operation unfolded in Binzhou City, situated in the Bincheng district of China. The police raided a warehouse belonging to a suspected gang, believed to have been acquiring used GPUs from crypto mining setups,…

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