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More Companies Have Joined Malaysia’s Burgeoning Shepherd Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS) Project.


Malaysia’s Shepherd Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project has attracted global manufacturing and gas & power companies to join its ranks. This initiative aims to gather CO₂ emissions from various industries in South Korea and either convert or store them in Malaysian facilities.

The Shepherd CCS project has a threefold objective: capturing carbon dioxide emissions from South Korean industries, consolidating them at designated locations within South Korea, and then transporting them to storage facilities in Malaysia.

The captured carbon is expected to be transformed into valuable resources like methanol and formic acid in Malaysia. Alternatively, it could be utilized as a gaseous energy source.

The Shepherd project began in August last year and initially involved collaboration between several South Korean companies and Malaysia’s state-run oil company. With a memorandum of understanding, these entities are conducting thorough feasibility assessments to ensure the project’s success.

They have identified at least one hub site in South Korea and one carbon storage facility in Malaysia. However, they are actively exploring additional domestic hubs and storage locations in Malaysia to achieve economies of scale.

As more companies join the project, their collective expertise and technological capabilities are expected to grow, enabling the initiative to capture more carbon sources and accelerate its progress.

The primary focus of the Shepherd project is to capture carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sites in South Korea, utilizing local carbon capture plants before transporting the emissions to Malaysia for onshore storage or offshore sequestration.

The significance of the Shepherd project lies in its comprehensive approach, covering the entire value chain of carbon capture and storage, making it a significant undertaking in Asia.

By carefully selecting suitable locations for each stage, including the capture plants in South Korea and the storage site in Malaysia, the participating companies are poised to drive this groundbreaking project forward.

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