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Warehouse Employee Stabbed to Death in India, New Delhi’s Warehouse


In the Najafgarh area of Delhi, an incident occurred at around 8:30 pm, resulting in the fatal stabbing of a 33-year-old warehouse supervisor and injuries to two other workers.

The incident took place within a warehouse located in Nagli Sakrawati, Najafgarh, as reported by the authorities. The warehouse supervisor and two workers had apprehended an individual who was found loitering inside the warehouse on suspicion of theft.

Following the confrontation with the trio, the man called for assistance from a group of individuals from the same locality, who then attacked the warehouse supervisor and the two workers with knives and sticks.

The victims were immediately rushed to a hospital, where the warehouse supervisor was pronounced dead upon arrival. The injured individuals are currently undergoing treatment for their injuries.

Two individuals, believed to be involved in the incident, have been taken into custody by law enforcement.

The police are currently conducting an active investigation into the case, utilizing CCTV footage and working in collaboration with human intelligence networks. Their primary objective is to apprehend all the individuals responsible for this incident and bring them to justice.

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