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Thieves Stole from Indian Oil Pipeline in Delhi


The police in Dwarka, India, have uncovered a bizarre incident of oil theft. They discovered a 40-meter tunnel the thieves had dug to access the pipes at an Indian oil corporation facility. One man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

According to the police, the thieves dug the tunnel and drilled holes in the pipeline. They used a valve mechanism to insert a plastic pipe and draw out the oil. To avoid suspicion, the area where the digging took place was covered with hay.

The oil corporation in the northern region reported the incident. They conducted an inspection and found that the theft was likely being carried out from Pochanpur village in Dwarka.

In response to the complaint, a police team visited the location and excavated the spot. They uncovered the elaborate work done by the robbers. Another police team was then sent to the excavated site, where they discovered a machine for extracting oil by drilling holes in the pipeline. This machine was installed at the spot, and two plastic pipes were connected.

The site that was excavated was located approximately 40 meters away from the pipeline owned by the oil corporation. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the tunnel leading to the pipeline had been dug up on the property of an individual in the village of Pochanpur. As a result, the individual was arrested. The investigation is still ongoing to apprehend the remaining individuals involved in the incident.

The police have recovered two pipes measuring 40 and 62 meters, blowers, a ladder, and other equipment used for drilling and digging.

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