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Theft of Seized Fake Products in the Philippines


The Bureau of Customs and the Philippine Coast Guard, in a joint effort, successfully prevented the theft of Customs-seized goods in a warehouse located in Pasay City. This operation led to the arrest of 67 Filipino individuals and 10 Chinese nationals.

The warehouse had been previously sealed and padlocked as part of an operation targeting counterfeit goods, specifically clothing apparel, footwear, and bags. The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service Director and the CIIS-Manila International Container Port provided additional support to the operation.

According to BOC-Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service Director, they received information from a reliable source about an ongoing theft at the sealed and padlocked Pasay warehouse. This warehouse had previously been subjected to a Letter of Authority. Acting swiftly upon receiving the information, a team from the BOC’s Intellectual Property Rights Division immediately went to Pasay City to intervene in the illegal activities.

During the operation, the team apprehended approximately 67 Filipinos and 10 Chinese nationals who were breaking the BOC seal and transporting the confiscated illegal goods from the upper floors to the ground floor. They also observed a closed truck van being loaded with the seized goods.

The Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence assured that all confiscated items were accounted for through an on-site verification process. He emphasized the importance of the success of such operations and their impact on the Philippine industry. These operations demonstrate the seriousness of their work and send a clear message to businesses interested in investing in the country.

The Deputy Commissioner further acknowledged that their actions directly affect local businesses, employment, and the overall attractiveness of the Philippines as an investment destination.


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