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TES Achieves TAPA FSR ‘A’ As Part of Its Corporate Sustainability Program


  • TAPA Certification solidifies TES’s commitment to client safety, security and sustainability
  • TES is one of the only e-waste recycling companies in the world to meet the FSR Audit’s stringent requirements

(SINGAPORE – January 29, 2020) – Today, TES announced that its achieved re-certification of Facility Security Requirements (FSR) Audit Report by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). TAPA is an international forum focused on reducing losses and building resilience in international supply chains.

TAPA’s approval of the FSR Audit reaffirms TES’s commitment to upholding the Best in Industry Class security standards. By utilizing the best security systems and procedures, TES is able to protect every client’s assets from grey market losses, theft and shrinkage.

“Supply-chain sustainability is a key differentiator for any business looking to enhance issues affecting the organization’s supply chain or logistics network in terms of environmental, risk, and waste costs. There is a growing need for integrating environmentally sound choices into supply-chain management, which TES has managed to demonstrate during the audit process”, said Tony Lugg TAPA APAC Chairman.

“TAPA is indeed proud of TES’s pursuit of supply chain security excellence, and we are sure that TES will continue to create outstanding value with its unique combination of security, value recovery and environmental expertise,” said Tony Lugg went on to say.

To date, TES is the one of the few e-waste recycling companies in the world to comply with the FSR Audit’s stringent requirements. As a company that prides itself on thorough security procedures and compliance, TAPA’s recertification serves as yet another indication to clients that TES is dedicated to safeguarding their end-of-life devices and data at the highest possible level.

TES is an e-waste recycling company that’s headquartered in Singapore and has an unprecedented global footprint that includes plants in Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and France.

Tony Lugg summarized by saying “With climate change is now one of the world’s most pressing challenges, TAPA would recommend to all members to adhere to sustainability programs and is confident that TES is in a position to help with the reduction of carbon emissions in the years to come.”

As a global leader in IT lifecycle services, TES serves a vast array of customers, which includes many of today’s leading IT product manufacturers. TES specializes in the commissioning, deployment, and retirement of customers’ IT assets, ensuring every part of the process is seamless and compliant with global security and environmental regulations.

Disclosure: TES is a member of TAPA APAC

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