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TAPA Business Continuity & Recovery Planning (BCRP) Webinar Training [Mandarin]


在最近的冠状病毒全球威胁中,数百人丧生,而引发的恐慌在全球经济中席卷而来。它给全球供应链带来了负面影响,造成物流延误和停产,造成数亿美元的损失。TAPA 最近的调查显示,只有20%的公司实施业务连续性管理。那些识别出特定供应风险并积极进行管理的公司将找到解决方案,或者至少减轻影响。该研讨会将解决业务连续性问题,这是一项积极的计划,可以避免和减轻与运营中断相关的风险。它处理灾难后关键人员,位置和操作程序的安全和恢复,并且是业务连续性计划的一部分。

In the recent coronavirus global threat, hundreds of people were killed and the sparking panic that sent a chill through the global economy. It has impacted the global supply chain negatively that run into billions of dollars losses in logistics delay and production stoppages. TAPA recent survey shows that only 20% of the companies implement business continuity management. Those companies who identify specific supply risks and actively manage it, will find solutions or at least mitigate the impact. This workshop will address that business continuity is a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations. It deals with the safety and restoration of critical personnel, locations, and operational procedures after a disaster, and is a part of business continuity planning.

培训要点 / Highlights

  • 0:01:21 – 业务连续性管理 (BCM) 和 业务连续性计划(BCRP)有什么区别?/ What is the difference between BCM and BCRP?
  • 0:04:32 – 业务连续性管理 (BCM) 的6个战略领域 / The 6 strategic areas of BCM
  • 0:05:46 – 业务连续性计划生命周期 / Business Continuity Planning Life Cycle
  • 0:13:36 – 21 世纪的业务连续性 / Business Continuity in the 21st Century
  • 0:17:10 – 详细计划应包含哪些内容?/ What should the detaied plan contain?
  • 0:23:27 – 成功的关键 / The keys to success

论坛内容 / Scope of the Webinar Training

  • 准备业务连续性 (BCM) – (Be ready for BCM)
  • 管理供应链弹性 (Managing Supply Chain resilience)
  • 计划和执行业务连续性管理 (BCM) 策略 (BCM Strategy)
  • BCM 实施与运作 (Implementation)
  • 了解供应链风险以实现供应链弹性 (Risk Management in BCM)
  • BCM的文件证据 (BCM Evidence)
  • BCM 策略的绩效评估 (BCM Evaluation)
  • BCM实施的模板 (BCM Template)
资源 / Resources

Click here to download part of the Presentation Slides.

关于培训师 / About the Speaker

Mr Elliot Lee 是 LoF Consultants 公司的执行合伙人。在他的学习历程中, 他曾担任过全球,区域和国家/地区职位,从工程到全球销售学习,人才开发再到管理发展咨询。 2014年,他在新加坡培训和发展大会以及第 13 届中国大学后勤教学研究会议上均担任演讲嘉宾。他还为学前班主任的培训师提供了文凭课程和培训师课程中的战略管理方面的演讲。他是供应链转型和业务连续管理方面的专家,曾在该领域提供咨询服务。Mr Elliot Lee 在本地和国际各地的许多组织和行业中工作,为组织的业务系统,结构,流程和人员创造了价值。其中一些组织包括雅诗阁集团,樟宜机场国际,DHL,可口可乐,INTEL,新加坡旅游局,PSA Corporation Limited,URA,教育部,希尔顿国际,飞利浦电子亚太,微软,Pharmacia Corporation,宝洁中东,诺基亚亚太,毕马威马来西亚,喜力台湾公司,普华永道,国际研究,中国国家半导体,沙特机场,住友化学中国,乐购地产中国和 YCH 集团。

Elliot is a Managing Partner of LoF Consultants Pte. Ltd. In his learning journey and, at the age of 32, he has held global, regional and country positions ranging from engineering to global sales learning to talent development to management development consulting. In 2014, he was the speaker in both the Training and Development Congress in Singapore and in the 13th China National University Logistics Teaching Research Conference. He also lectured on Strategic Management in a diploma program and Train-the-Trainer program for pre-school master’s trainers. Elliot is an expert in Supply Chain Transformation and Business Continuity Management having implemented many projects in this area. Elliot has worked across many organizations and industries both locally and internationally, creating value to the organization’s business systems, structures, processes and people. Some of these organizations include Ascott Group, Changi Airports International, DHL, Coca-Cola, INTEL, Singapore Tourism Board, PSA Corporation Limited, URA, Ministry of Education, Hilton International, Philips Electronics Asia Pacific, Microsoft, Pharmacia Corporation, P&G Middle East, Nokia Asia Pacific, KPMG Malaysia, Heineken Taiwan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Research International, National Semiconductors China, Saudi Airports, Sumitomo Chemical China, Tesco Property China and YCH Group.

Email: yflee19@gmail.com

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