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TAPA Business Continuity & Recovery Planning (BCRP) Webinar Training [English]


In the recent coronavirus global threat, hundreds of people were killed and the sparking panic that sent a chill through the global economy. It has impacted the global supply chain negatively that run into billions of dollars losses in logistics delay and production stoppages. TAPA recent survey shows that only 20% of the companies implement business continuity management. Those companies who identify specific supply risks and actively manage it, will find solutions or at least mitigate the impact. This workshop will address that business continuity is a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations. It deals with the safety and restoration of critical personnel, locations, and operational procedures after a disaster, and is a part of business continuity planning.


  • 0:00:59 – Supply Chain Resilience Framework – Business Continuity Management (BCM) in supply chain
  • 0:02:53 – What is Supply Chain Resilience?
  • 0:03:30 – Business Continuity Planning Framework
  • 0:08:47 – What is a Business Continuity Plan?
  • 0:13:30 – What should the detailed plans contain?
  • 0:20:02 – 5 Phases of the Operations Resumption Plan
  • 0:23:32 – Plans and Procedures of BCP Plans

Scope of the Webinar Training

  • Be ready for BCM
  • Managing Supply Chain resilience
  • BCM Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Risk Management in BCM
  • BCM Evidence
  • BCM Evaluation
  • BCM Template

Click here to download part of the Presentation Slides.

About the Speaker

Elliot is a Managing Partner of LoF Consultants Pte. Ltd. In his learning journey and, at the age of 32, he has held global, regional and country positions ranging from engineering to global sales learning to talent development to management development consulting. In 2014, he was the speaker in both the Training and Development Congress in Singapore and in the 13th China National University Logistics Teaching Research Conference. He also lectured on Strategic Management in a diploma program and Train-the-Trainer program for pre-school master’s trainers. Elliot is an expert in Supply Chain Transformation and Business Continuity Management having implemented many projects in this area. Elliot has worked across many organizations and industries both locally and internationally, creating value to the organization’s business systems, structures, processes and people. Some of these organizations include Ascott Group, Changi Airports International, DHL, Coca-Cola, INTEL, Singapore Tourism Board, PSA Corporation Limited, URA, Ministry of Education, Hilton International, Philips Electronics Asia Pacific, Microsoft, Pharmacia Corporation, P&G Middle East, Nokia Asia Pacific, KPMG Malaysia, Heineken Taiwan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Research International, National Semiconductors China, Saudi Airports, Sumitomo Chemical China, Tesco Property China and YCH Group.

Email: yflee19@gmail.com

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