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TAPA APAC Lookout Magazine Nov 2021


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TAPA APAC Lookout Magazine Nov 2021


Bureau Veritas hit by cyberattack on cybersecurity system

French firm Bureau Veritas, which specialises in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services, has reported a cyberattack that affected its cybersecurity system.The security breach...

Singapore fosters excellence in class services and technology

Singapore’s strategic location and logistics expertise continues to support the needs of the ships passing through the Malacca Strait at a crucial time in...

Rx-360 expands global supply chain initiatives in healthcare

Global pharmaceutical consortium Rx-360 has launched an expansion of its focus on international initiatives, to support its supply chain security. Founded in Philadelphia, USA,...

China prioritizes local chip needs during global crunch

One of China's biggest chipmakers has warned it may have to drop orders from foreign clients next year to prioritize domestic demand, Nikkei Asia...