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TAPA APAC Launches Pilot Guarding Security Requirement Standard (GSR) in Malaysia



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (27th November 2017) – TAPA APAC has released the pilot standard for the TAPA Guarding Security Standard (GSR), which will be piloted in Malaysia starting from January 2018.

Manned Guarding Security is an integral part of the TAPA Facility and Truck Security Requirements and requires a high level of understanding to ensure that the risks to TAPA manufacturing or logistics supply chain nodes remain as secure as can possibly be.

The latest version of TAPA Guarding Security Standards (GSR 2017) offers a solution for Buyer members to integrate their security and safety protocols between Security Service Provider (SSP) and guarding security companies service standards. The GSR provides the solutions to bridge the gap commonly raised by TAPA members and also to create an aligned of the requirement with TAPA facility and/or the Trucking standards.

Coupled to it, improved and seamless integration of supply chain standards with industry, as well to elevation to a higher level of compliance with Aviation Security, AEO, C-TPAT requirements and to improve the shippers (Buyers) experience and overall man guarding services.

Another enhancement involves the tangible and Intangible advantages as follows; –

i) TAPA Guarding Security Standards would have deemed as a contractual written service level agreement and adherence of best practices prerequisites between the buyer, Logistics Service Provider (LSP) and Security Service Provider (SSP).

ii) Cogent, Guarding Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) with regards to Roles, Responsibilities’ and Accountabilities.

iii) Established Key Performance Indicators (KPI) regularly reported to drive efficiencies.

iv) Ensuring that SSP’s only deploys guard who are sufficiently trained and qualified in their capacity to carry out their duties and role.

v) To facilitate a process of continual improvement for the benefits of the TAPA members.

As part of this pilot across Asia Pacific, standardization of Manned Guarding is imperative for Buyer members as well as the LSP’s hence the Guarding Security Requirements (GSR) have been developed to standardize those protocols, systems and process into a standard that can be built into the contractual requirements of members.

TAPA APAC will be conducting a 3-month Pilot GSR exercise commencing on the 18th January 2018. During this period the standard will be thoroughly tested and redefined as and where required.

In conjunction with SIMM (Singapore Institute of Material Management), the Train-the-Trainer will be conducted in Singapore on 7th-8th December and the GSR standards training will take place on 17th-18th January 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr. Roger Lee Director of Academic / Quality for SIMM will act as an advisor on training and quality.

Tony Lugg Chairman of TAPA APAC said “The goal of the GSR Working Group has been to seamlessly integrate the GSR with other TAPA standards to ensure that all requirements of the TAPA standard are met. Manned Guarding Services companies play a major part of security the supply chain and this pilot will allow us to test all areas and make improvements where required. We are glad to be working with Singapore Institute of Material Management (SIMM) and using their expertise in this area.”

Any Buyers, Logistics Service Providers or SSP’s interested in piloting the standard should contact the secretariat@tapa-apac.org or Derick.Ding@tapa-apac.org TAPA members can attend the training as part of their training entitlement.

TAPA members who purchase supply chain services should choose suppliers who meet or exceed TAPA’s certification requirements. In the development of this Standard, TAPA recognizes the multiple differences in how manned guarding services are provided globally, regionally, and even within companies, and that the Guarding Security Requirements (GSR) may apply to all or part of the services provided by the applicant.

To learn more visit us at www.tapa-apac.org

For Market Inquiries:

Derick Ding
TAPA APAC Secretariat
Address: 1 Gateway Drive, Westgate Tower, #07-01, Singapore 608531
Tel: (65) 6514 9648
Website: www.TAPA-APAC.org

About TAPA

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), a non-profit organization, is a unique forum that
unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other
stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains. Founded in
1997, TAPA has three regions across the globe namely Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and
the Americas. The Association has over 700+ members include many of the world’s leading
manufacturing brands as well as their logistics and transport providers with combined annual sales of
over US$900 billion.

About SIMM (Singapore Institute of Material Management)

The Singapore Institute of Materials Management (SIMM) was incorporated in 1980 as a non-profit
and self-supporting independent educational institution, with quality as its corporate emphasis. SIMM
has since grown to be a premier institution offering Logistics, Supply chain Management and Ecommerce
education for the industry training professionals and assisting also in the conversion of
manpower for personnel not in the Logistics and Procurement field or industry.
The primary objective of the Institute is to establish and to maintain a high standard of knowledge and
excellence in the field of Logistics and Procurement. The secondary objective is to promote and foster
the study, research and development on Logistics and Materials Management on all aspects from
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management to applying latest E-commerce technology and practices to
the field of Logistics and Purchasing.

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