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TAPA APAC Entry into New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster Shanghai


On July 28th 2021, the New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster was officially inaugurated in Shanghai. At the inauguration ceremony, Transport Asset Protection Association Asia-Pacific (TAPA APAC), together with other two international organisations signed their Occupancy Intention with the World Expo Administration Bureau under the witness of Pudong Branch, Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

2021年7月28日,前滩国际经济组织集聚区正式揭牌。揭牌仪式上,亚太运输资产保护协会 (TAPA APAC) 与其他3家国际组织在上海市公安局浦东分局的见证下与世博管理局签订入驻意向。

This is a key milestone for TAPA APAC, which not only represents our overwhelming intention and initial efforts to establish China Non-Government Organization Representative Office in Shanghai but also demonstrates our commitment of entering into the international economic scene of China and striving to contribute more to the supply chain quality and standards for the industry and to this special economic area.


Prior to us, French International Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Representative Office (ICC), World Association of Nuclear Power Operators (UK) Shanghai Representative Office (WANO), French International Exhibition Association Shanghai Representative Office (UFI), German Logistics Alliance Shanghai Representative Office (LAG), Royal Chartered Ship Brokers Association Shanghai Representative Office (ICS), Singapore International Arbitration Center Shanghai Representative Office (SIAC), Korea Commercial Arbitration Court Shanghai Representative Office (KCAB), Perth Appropriate Health Technology Organization (USA) Shanghai Representative Office (PATH) Eight international organizations have already settled in this area.


At the event, the “Eight Supporting Measures” endeavoured to support the development of international organizations was also officially released which includes the creating of a high-quality “overseas” business environment, providing support in accordance with the Pudong New Area headquarters economic policy, giving office space rent reduction and exemption, accommodation and supporting services for overseas talents, as well as resources for organizations to create relevant international conferences and events.

支持国际经济组织发展的“世博八条”也在仪式上正式发布, 它们包括打造高品质的“类海外”营商环境、按浦东新区总部经济政策给予扶持、办公空间租金减免、人才公寓或公租房租赁服务、引进海外人才特别服务,以及为举办相关国际性会议和活动提供必要支持等。

The New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster is a service space for the international economic organizations jointly created by the World Expo Administration Bureau and Lujiazui Group in New Bund. It locates in Phase 1 of New Bund World Trade Center (No. 4, Lane 255, Dongyu Road), with an area of ​​3,500 square meters.


Spaces can be tailored according to the respective needs of international organization. At present, there are 66 rooms, a total of 330 workstations, and 9 shared meeting rooms.


In the shared space, there are private office rental and shared lounge areas. In addition, the shared area is also equipped with various high-end office equipment such as printing and copying machine, coffee machine and coffee beans, gym, etc., as well as supporting leisure facilities. It also has shared meeting rooms with modern audio-visual facilities.


In the “Opinions on Supporting Pudong New Area’s High-Level Reform and Opening-up and Building a Leading Zone for Socialist Modernization,” Pudong New Area clearly requires Pudong New Area to “attract more international organizations and corporate headquarters to settle in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.” The New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster is undoubtedly the best practice for this.


It is reported that to develop Pudong’s functional advantages and industrial development, the New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster will attract and cultivate high-level international organizations such as International Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, trade unions, industry alliances, and standard setting organizations, and maximise its policy making and resource linking capabilities, so as to actively contribute to the global economic governance.


“In the future, the Expo Front Beach area will gather more international economic organizations and headquarters enterprises and become the first to establish an open economic function highland that is connected with international operating rules to become a frontier for enhanced international exchanges and cooperation. It will become a model of a world-class central activity area that gathers international wisdom and showcases the philosophy and spirit of China, as well as a ‘world-class living room’ on the bank of the Huangpu River,” said Mr. Shen Feng, Deputy Director of the World Expo Administration Bureau, and Deputy Director of the World Expo Management Committee.


At the same time, the construction of the New Bund Global Economic Organization Cluster is also the first move of the Pudong New Area Global Economic Organization Cluster (GOC). The Pudong New Area Global Economic Organization Cluster (GOC) is one of the six functional leading action plans systematically launched by the Pudong New Area. The purpose of the plan is to achieve the goal of leading the core function, attracting high-level international organizations such as international chambers of commerce, industry associations, trade associations, industry alliances, and standard setting organizations related to Pudong’s functional advantages and industrial characteristics. It seeks to promote the realization of a Pudong system that will set new levels in the country and contribute to the global standards in this international melting pot.


It’s TAPA APAC’s honour to be able to grasp this unique opportunity to start our exciting journey together with the development of GOC and contribute our efforts and value to the supply chain quality and standards for the industry.



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