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Supply chain managers ramp up hiring, raise wages ahead of peak


Major employers have reported hiring difficulties in recent months while attempting to keep pace with a snapback in U.S. consumer demand. Hormel Foods President and CEO Jim Snee said on the company’s Q3 earnings call Thursday that there was “a drastic step-up in industry-wide operational challenges caused by labor shortages,” adding that employment levels have a direct impact on how much the company is able to produce.

This has impacted both facilities and the operations of supplier and Many companies are courting potential workers with higher wages. Businesses are also touting other employee perks before the holidays exacerbate labor shortages. Walmart, which is looking to hire 20,000 supply chain workers for the holiday season, has highlighted the opening of six new academies that provide specialized supply chain training for associates. Dollar Tree emphasized a safe working environment and tuition reimbursement ahead of a recent nationwide warehouse hiring event.

But warehouses are also competing with in-store, customer-facing positions that have seen wages increase as well.

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