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Securing your Remote Workforce and Supply Chain Operations during COVID-19


Join TAPA and Malwarebytes for an essential discussion on the steps required to secure your remote workforce and supply chain operations. The gravity of global events supersedes what a few weeks ago was our daily routine. As we take responsible “social distance” measures required to address this crisis, cybersecurity professionals and supply chain risk managers are working together to ensure that we can still stay digitally connected, securely for smooth operations.

To address today’s realities, organizations must plan for and deploy strategies of remote worker cyber resilience. TAPA and Malwarebytes will share global cyber security landscape, latest insights, case studies and best practices for a secure workforce.


  • 0:07:00 – C-level executives are 12 times more likely to be targeted than non-executives.
  • 0:08:44 – Three mains ways to secure your workforce: increase device security, operationalize security for remote work, prepare for recovery from an attack remotely.
  • 0:18:24 – Global headlines on data breach has shown the increase in cyber attacks and severity of losses. Emotet malware is one of the most concerning attack in the past year.
  • 0:20:45 – Adware has increased 463% from 2018 to 2019, other three threats that have increased include Riskware, Backdoor and Hacktool.
  • 0:25:03 – Top three sectors affected by malware are the services, retail and education sectors.
  • 0:34:23 – The number of detection per endpoint in 2019 on Mac machine have 11 traces of malware as compared to 5.5 on a Windows machine.
  • 0:49:20 – Malwarebtyes advise having the right tools in place with employees well-trained to recover from such threats.
  • 0:50:41 – Recovery depends on the backups earlier – both online and offline, in the event that the online backup becomes infected.


Download the Malwarebytes’ State of Malware Report: Endpoint Threats in 2020 and Beyond

About the Speakers


Greg Higham

Chief Information Officer, Malwarebytes

Greg is a Silicon Valley technology executive who brings more than 25 years of experience driving technology vision, strategy, global operations management, acquisition integration and scalable business growth. As Malwarebytes CIO, Higham will oversee company security, business applications and operations.



Adran Yoong

Sales Engineer Manager for APAC, Malwarebytes

With over 15 years of IT industry experience, he spends every day actively enabling partners and engaging customers throughout the region. Well versed in enterprise cyber infrastructure and architecture design, Adran is highly focused on all thing’s security; from endpoints-to network- and cloud, remote access, application delivery and optimisation, understanding AI and its applications.

About Malwarebtyes

Imagine a world without malware. We do. We combine industry leading threat protection and incident response with a passion that never quits. It’s bold cybersecurity, build for people by people. Our business is protecting workplace productivity. We secure all your endpoints so employees can connect confidently, from anywhere. We combine analytics driven, multi-layer threat protection and industry leading incident response to both simplify and strengthen overall cybersecurity. You and your team stay up and running, so you can remain focused on driving your business.

Website: www.malwarebytes.com

Email: ap.marketing@malwarebytes.com

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