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Securing Post-COVID Road Freight Across APAC & EMEA: Risk Assessment & Data Intelligence


Join us for an essential discussion on the next steps in assessing risks in supply chain road transportation and cargo route. As logistic service providers change and adapt to new routes, companies now face new vulnerabilities and challenges in securing their cargo. Now, it is crucial for us to identify potential risks with proven methodologies and cargo crime incident data.

G4S Telematix has developed a methodology for the assessment of risk during Supply Chain road transportations. This methodology, apart from the concept itself, it requires a dataset as input that shall be processed to produce a valid output. The road transportation cargo security risk assessment needs to have three basic characteristics: to be realistic, consistent, and objective.

The TAPA Incident Information Service (IIS) database provides accurate and reliable information for this methodology and its use produce valuable risk assessment outcomes, as they address both the incidents themselves accompanied with high level intelligence, as location, modus operandi, category of products, value of losses, etc., combined with a route planning tool (SPOT: Secure Parking Online Tool) including the incidents and of top, the locations of secure/certified parking places.

In this webinar, experts will share current road transportation security landscape across Asia Pacific and Europe, latest insights, case studies of recent cargo crime, emerging risks from COVID-19 and the proven methodology to address these risks with IIS data intelligence.

What you will learn:

  • Current road transportation security landscape across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Risks arising from COVID-19 and Post-COVID outlook on cargo crime
    Case studies on recent cargo crime
  • How to assess cargo route risks with G4S Risk Assessment Methodology using TAPA Incident Information Service (IIS) Database
  • Best practices on collaborative data-sharing with IIS to address changing realities


  • 0:04:51 – G4S Transportation Risk Assessment Model using TAPA IIS dataset, developed based on PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis) and FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis) internationally recognized risk assessment methodological approaches.

  • 0:07:43 – Four key risk assessment factors considered to calculate the risk index of specific routes: criticality, frequency, threat, and vulnerability.

  • 0:11:09 – Case study example on cargo route from Kolkata Mumbai, India. Three routes are assessed using the assessment model, calculated based on Likelihood Index for incident occurence.

  • 0:18:00 – Risk matrix & risk index: Colour scheme and scoring allow companies to select the best secured cargo route after applying the model and considering the dominant parameters for your supply chain.

  • 0:32:05 – TAPA Incident Information Service (IIS) provides transparency and information for company members to identify theft hot spots and plan route-risk analysis for an end-to-end supply chain solution. There is no storage for company information which is not the intention of the IIS too.

  • 0:34:35 – Demonstration of IIS usage: Customized incident dataset for their own cargo route risk assessment using the map visualization and filters available – date/period, incident category, modus operandi, location type, region, country, state, presence of parking spots etc.


Download the G4S Telematix White Paper Route Risk Assessment (May 2020) 

Download the G4S Presentation Slides with Recommendation

About the Speakers

Pana Laimos

Senior Director, Secure Operations Europe, G4S Telematix 

Pana Laimos holds several Director positions for G4S in Central & Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa – Cash Security Director, Central & Southern Europe, G4S; Senior Director, Secure Operations Europe, G4S Telematix; Regional Environmental Coordinator, Europe & Middle East, G4S. Invited by the European Commission, Pana participates in the experts committee that support the European Union in the dissemination and deployment of the recently released officially EU Safe and Secure Parking standard. During his assignments he was mostly responsible for High Value Theft Targeted Cargo Supply Chain, including warehousing and transportation/distribution. He has also been involved in numerous High Value Cargo Loss investigations and supported organizations in solving actual cases and develop mitigation measures based on lessons learned. With his team, they are considered a recognized authority in the field of High Value Supply Chain Security with multiple awards. For the last 10 years they are working on Road Transportation Security Risk Assessment and they have developed a relative methodology that supports manufacturers, 3PLs and carriers to recognize the residual security risk and take appropriate measures to manage it. Pana is also a TAPA EMEA trainer and auditor.

Email: panagiotis.laimos@gr.g4s.com



Thorsten Neumann

President & CEO of Transported Asset Protection Association, EMEA

Thorsten has served in a voluntary capacity as Chairman of TAPA’s Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Association since 2006, alongside his responsibilities as, most recently, Director APS Channel Security & Business Resilience at Microsoft Corporation. Over the last 13 years, he has been part of a TAPA EMEA leadership team which has delivered unprecedented growth and benefits for the Association’s more than 410 member companies and partners in EMEA. A Civil Expert in the NATO Transport Group, Thorsten began his global supply chain security career with Motorola Mobility in 1998, before joining Nokia in 2008 and ultimately holding the post of Director Devices & Retail Supply Chain Security/Business Resilience. In 2015, he joined Microsoft Corporation, holding senior Director posts in Europe and the United States. Thorsten is an Industry Rep within the European Commission LandSec and ITS initiatives, and within EUROPOL, INTERPOL & TISPOL Organizations.

Email: thorsten.neumann@tapaemea.org



Keven Liang

Board Member at Transported Asset Protection Association, TAPA Asia Pacific

Keven is the Supply Chain Security Manager for HP Inc., a global technology company that provides computing systems and service solutions for business and home. Keven is also the Board Member and Incident Information Service (IIS) Working Committee of TAPA Asia Pacific. With the IIS team, Keven has worked on many projects to analyse cargo crime incident statistics and trends. Keven has 7 years of experience in DHL prior to his current position in HP Inc.

Email: keven.liang@tapa-apac.org



Tony Lugg

Chairman for Asia Pacific at Transported Asset Protection Association, TAPA

Tony is the Director of Logistics Purchasing and Centre of Excellence for Lear Corporation Asia Pacific, the Leading Tier 1 global automotive manufacturer ranked #148 on the Fortune 500, for its Seating (JIT) & E-Systems Divisions across Asia Pacific and global distribution, sequencing & warehousing. Tony also sits on the Emeritus Council of Advisors for Supply Chain Asia.

Email: tony.lugg@tapa-apac.org

About G4S Telematix

G4S is the leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security services and solutions to customers. Their mission is to create material, sustainable value for customers and shareholders by being the supply partner of choice in all markets.

Website: www.g4s.com

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