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SCRS 2023: The Digital Imperative: Accelerating Supply Chain Digitalization for Competitive Advantage

SCRS Conference Day 1 Session #12

The Digital Imperative: Accelerating Supply Chain Digitalization for Competitive Advantage

Moderator: Mr. Madu Lokan

Panelists: Prof. Goh Puay Guan, Dr. Christian Fjader and Mr. Jason Le Busque


Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with their markets. With the rapid advancement of digital technologies, companies are finding new ways to enhance efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. In this session, Mr. Madu Lokan, Executive Director of TAPA APAC and panel moderator, and the panel experts explored the exciting world of digital transformation and how it is reshaping various industries, along with the risks it may bring forth.

Transforming Security Operations & Unlocking Untapped Technological Potential

When asked about benefits of new technology adoption, Mr. Jason Le Busque, the Global Head of Security at Toll Holdings Pty Ltd, shared about his company’s pilot programme aimed at enhancing the capabilities of security professionals within the organization. Recognizing the heavy reliance on CCTV, access control, and traditional locks, Jason aims to leverage technology to its fullest potential. Currently, only 20% of available technologies are utilized for security purposes. By exploring additional applications, Jason believes significant value can be added to system operations, safety measures, time management, attendance tracking, as well as visitor and contractor management.

Recognize Long Term Value of Technological Solution Than Its Costs

Prof. Goh Puay Guan, Associate Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS), emphasized the importance of focusing on the operational aspects of organizations and leveraging technology to improve operations. By adopting new technologies, organizations become better equipped to handle security challenges and ensure a higher return on investment. However, it is unfortunate that some organizations are reluctant to invest in security systems due to the associated costs.

Integrated Systems for Visibility, Security & Sustainable Success

For Dr. Christian Fjader, Managing Director at Geostrategic Intelligence Group (Geostrat) Ltd, it is the importance of integrated systems in providing visibility across various organizational aspects, such as operations, security, health and safety. These systems offer valuable insights into the origins, causes, and impacts of incidents. To gain buy-in, it is crucial to demonstrate additional value and ensure that the adopted solutions fulfill a purpose aligned with sustainable objectives. Two critical aspects to consider are data security and privacy, as sensitive or confidential information is often valuable for multiple purposes.

Collaboration & Trust to Overcome Resistance and Drive Adoption

Prof Goh believes that collaboration with multiple partners is essential to address these challenges. Establishing trust between different partners and harmonizing data structures will enable companies to share valuable information. Christian suggested that the initial focus should be on building trust in clearly defined specific areas, promoting positive relationships among partners.

To prioritize digitalization in the supply chain, it is recommended to start small and focus on the operational and executional levels. By targeting areas that do not require too many partners, the implementation can be more manageable and efficient. It is important to consider the highest impact areas and avoid investing heavily in areas that are caught up in a hype cycle. Instead, prioritize areas where there is a reasonable expectation of quick gains and tangible benefits.


To learn more about TAPA Standards, please visit www.tapa-apac.org


About the Moderator

Mr. Madu Lokan                                                                                      Executive Director, TAPA APAC

Mr. Madu Lokan, a seasoned executive in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, is a strong advocate of providing efficient service and value to the logistics and supply chain community. Currently serving as the Executive Director of TAPA APAC since 2021, Madu Lokan is also part of TAPA’s World Wide Council as well as World-Wide Change Control Board for Standards.


About the Panelists

Prof. Goh Puay Guan                                                                              Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Prof. Goh Puay Guan is an Associate Professor at NUS, Academic Director of the multi-disciplinary MSc in Industry 4.0. He teaches Masters level classes and executive education courses in supply chain management and technology innovation. He was also a Board Director at Flyoro; Advisor at Matex International, Bdata Inc and Log-hub AG; Mentor at Plug and Play APAC.


Dr. Christian Fjader                                                                                    Managing Director, Geostrategic Intelligence Group (Geostrat) Ltd

Dr. Christian Fjäder is the Managing Director of Geostrategic Intelligence Group (Geostrat) Ltd, a boutique geostrategic risk and resilience research and advisory firm. Prior to Geostrategic Intelligence Group, Christian held leadership positions in public and private sectors and has extensive corporate experience in security, risk, and resilience leadership in regional and global leadership roles.


Mr. Jason Le Busque                                                                                Global Head of Security, Toll Holdings Pty Ltd

Mr. Jason Le Busque possesses a multi-tiered skillset across investigations, training, risk management, crisis management and business continuity, security system implementation, security standard training and program development. Jason has also achieved a qualification as a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and a Certified Auditor and Trainer in Global Security Standards of TAPA.


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