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SCRS 2023: Sustainable Tomorrow: A Journey in Scrap Management & Sustainability

SCRS Conference Day 2 Session #12

Sustainable Tomorrow: A Journey in Scrap Management & Sustainability

By Mr. Edward Goh, Head of Group Security TES-AMM


A sustainable tomorrow is a collective journey towards responsible scrap management and sustainability. It entails adopting practices that minimize waste, maximize resource recovery, and mitigate environmental impacts. This journey involves rethinking traditional waste management approaches and embracing circular economy principles, where materials are recycled, repurposed, and reintroduced into the supply chain. By prioritizing sustainable scrap management, we can reduce the reliance on natural resources, conserve energy, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Collaboration among industries, governments, and individuals is required to promote awareness, innovation, and adoption of sustainable practices. Together, we can create a future where scrap is seen as a valuable resource and sustainability becomes an integral part of our everyday lives.

“We must take responsibility for the people, sustainability operations, and care for the planet and everything that lives on,” said Mr. Edward Goh, Head of Group Security at TES-AMM. TES-AMM has been dedicated to meeting global organizations’ technology life cycle needs since 2005, with over 40 processing facilities and a presence in over 100 countries, prioritizing compliance, security, and sustainability. 

Sustainability Circular Service Landscape

Edward shared that TES-AMM operates on a concept of sustainability circular service which focuses on three major aspects: closing the loop, expanding assets lifecycle, and delivering sustainability services. Closing the loop entails creating a circular economy for products and establishing a sustainable system for products to be recycled and recovered in which the materials can then be re-introduced as parts to make a new product. Businesses need to focus on moving away from the traditional linear economy model of take, make, and dispose. Instead, reducing waste and maximizing recovery through recycling and reuse should be the priority. This can involve extending the useful life of assets through practices like refurbishment and repair. Proper disposal and recycling methods are implemented for end-of-life assets, ensuring the recovery of valuable materials and the safe management of hazardous components. 

Like TES-AMM, companies may provide sustainability services that help organizations integrate the company strategy, including addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Being committed to responsible supply chain management, this provides transparency and ethical practices throughout business operations.

Standards as Strategy

The company’s commitment to quality and sustainability is demonstrated through its TAPA certified sites in Asia Pacific and various ISO certifications. TES-AMM also adheres to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) through its subsidiary strategy. 

TES-AMM leverages a global “Blanko System” with rigorous international standards and certifications like TAPA to achieve zero leakage. TAPA Standards provide a harmonized and consistent benchmark for organizations and supply chains to adhere to. The requirements also reflect the evolving best practices and latest technology used in the industry to better support our security and sustainability programmes.

Focusing Communication, Content and Data

To lead in sustainability, three key elements are essential – effective communication, content creation and reliable data collection. Effective communication is crucial for engaging stakeholders and creating awareness. In addition, content creation plays a vital role in generating understanding and promoting sustainability. At the same time, reliable and comprehensive data is necessary for every organization’s sustainability journey. Companies should engage data analysts to manage risks and assess the impact of their sustainability programmes. 

“As we continue our journey on sustainability, we must remain committed to sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and working collaboratively with stakeholders, regulators, customers and partners towards a more sustainable and resilient world. Together, we can forge a path for a brighter future for our future generations to come,” Edward said. Concluding the session, Edward encouraged businesses to start taking action like implementing initiatives for net-zero commitment, annual reporting, adherence to greenhouse gas protocols, and social responsibility programmes.


To learn more about TAPA Standards, please visit TAPA APAC website at www.tapa-apac.org or email to info@tapa-apac.org


About the Speaker

Mr. Edward Goh                                                                                                    Head of Group Security, TES-AMM

Mr. Edward Goh is an accomplished security professional. His vast experience and exceptional leadership skills led him to be recruited by TES, a globally recognized E-waste technology and engineering solution company. Edward joined TES as the Head of Security for Asia Pacific in 2018 and was promoted to Head of Group Security in 2021, responsible for overseeing security operations across the organization’s diverse portfolio.


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