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SCRS 2023: Rebounding Stronger in Recovery: Resilient and & Sustainable Supply Chain of the Future


SCRS Conference Day 1 Session #1

Rebounding Stronger in Recovery: Resilient and & Sustainable Supply Chain of the Future 

By Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC


“How unnormal was the normalization!” said Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC. “It was a complete aftermath. We saw the Suez Canal, and the pull ahead of chips which left shortages everywhere within the supply chain causing disruptions in industries. We saw the sudden inflation, and container prices jumping up 20 times the normal price” he continued”, he added. With the rise of geopolitical tensions, cyberattacks, counterfeits and frauds, these issues further complicate global trade and logistics. The abnormality of the normalization revealed the vulnerabilities within our economic systems and TAPA APAC’s aim is to support members to rebound stronger during this recovery. 

Need for An Enabler for Risk Assessment & Business Continuity

RM100015The pandemic showed that businesses were caught off-guard and unprepared. A survey conducted by International Crisis Room 360 (ICR360) and TAPA APAC during the pandemic revealed an alarming 68% of manufacturers have no business continuity plans and members feedback that they needed an enabler to become more resilient.  

TAPA APAC has since launched an ‘enabler’ new Standard to support members in this aspect – TAPA Risk Assessment Standard (RAS) 2023. The first RAS training was held before the SCRS Conference on 19th and 20th June 2023 to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and assess their supply chain risks in this disruptive environment. The next step for the association is to look into business continuity. 

The current realities of the disruptive and complex supply chain environment have made it crucial for businesses to focus on supply chain resilience and sustainability in order to ensure their continued operation and success. Achieving these supply chain capabilities necessitate a consistent vision among all stakeholders, such as management, suppliers, customers, and regulators, which requires global Standards to be aligned and implemented between them. The SCRS Conference was specially designed to address the major pressing supply chain issues with an astonishing group of industry leaders and subject matter experts, carefully selected by TAPA APAC. 

TAPA APAC Members Anticipate New ‘Enabler’ Initiatives 

The association’s upcoming initiatives include Integrated Management Systems to lower audit costs; revised training courses to segregate awareness and technical training; and new Standards like Scrap Management, Brand Protection, ROI on TAPA Standards, Contractual Language to include TAPA Standards in legal agreements. Tony emphasized the importance of a joint industry effort from every supply chain, “Everyone is putting ideas forward, this is where we can make an impact”. TAPA APAC continues to work closely with members and authorities for improvement and to provide the right enablers that members seek in supporting their supply chain resilience and sustainability. 

To learn more about TAPA Standards, please visit TAPA APAC website at www.tapa-apac.org or email to info@tapa-apac.org 


About the Speaker

TonySpeakerMr. Tony Lugg                                                                                  Chairman, TAPA APAC

Mr. Tony Lugg, has a strong background in Supply Chain Management, Security, Law Enforcement, General Management, Electronic Security, Aviation Security, Telematics and Global Account Management. He has extensive experience in Aviation Security and was a member of the Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers (CAPEC) Security Committee and has successfully undergone audits for the US C-TPAT Programme (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) and Aviation Security Regulated Agent Programme throughout the globe. 


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