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SCRS 2023: From Data to Insights: Preventing Cargo Losses with Data Intelligence

SCRS Conference Day 1 Session #9

From Data to Insights: Preventing Cargo Losses with Data Intelligence

By Mr. Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO TAPA EMEA

Cargo losses are a significant problem for companies worldwide, leading to billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. With the increasing demand and competition in supply chains, the volume and diversity of shipments have also been on the rise. Criminals have thus increased their activities to target supply chains, causing a surge in cargo incidents. These criminals are exploiting the digital landscape, as they can steal a wide range of goods and easily sell them on the internet, eliminating the need for a traditional black market. It is important to note that goods at rest are also at risk, with the scale of product losses from the supply chain being significant, growing, and often underreported. 

Once you are aware of the risks and crimes involved, you may be wondering, ‘Where can I find the right partners to effectively manage these risks?’

TAPA & Data Hold the Key to Success

Mr. Thorsten Neumann, President and CEO of TAPA EMEA, emphasized that partnering with TAPA is the key to success and data is also a crucial factor in achieving success in combating cargo crime and reducing losses. TAPA connects the dots for supply chain companies with its powerful cargo crime database and data-sharing platform known as the TAPA Intelligence System (TIS). This system serves as a centralized repository for all certification-related data with an impressive database that stores a staggering 66,000 incidents at the moment and it is used by over 300 police agencies throughout EMEA.

TIS gathers crime intelligence from reliable sources and provides a comprehensive understanding of the location and nature of potential threats. TAPA members can utilize TIS to gain a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing threats to better plan their cargo routes. TAPA also provides regular insights and reports from TIS to support its members in their resilience programmes. 

While currently available in the EMEA region only, TIS will soon be accessible to APAC members of TAPA, making it more comprehensive in providing greater insights for all TAPA members. 

TIS Route-Risk Analysis

Thorsten showed the usage of the TIS visualization map with key data points of TAPA-certified locations, cargo crime information and useful functions for resilient supply chain planning. Using EMEA as an example, incidents are displayed on the TIS tool and TAPA members can create route-risk analyses. 

“Using the route planning tool, TIS recommends the best route and includes traffic alerts. Around your route, you can find PSR and FSR locations, to park and to store your cargo respectively”, Thorsten explained. Coming from the industry and for the industry, TIS is designed to drive the resilience for cargo transportation and help companies understand the level of risk which is attacking them every day.

A Network of Resilient Partners in TIS

The next question often comes to, “Where do I find the right partners to mitigate my supply chain risk?” Thorsten answered, “With TIS, TAPA members can identify the TAPA-certified companies globally and connect you with a network of trusted TSR companies that have met the stringent security standards set by TAPA. If you are looking for TAPA-certified partners, it is also displayed in the TIS tool and can be simply shown by filtering the criteria of FSR/TSR/PSR locations in the system. Furthermore, certification details are included for you to align your security level with the right partners. With their expertise and commitment to ensuring the safety of your goods, you can have peace of mind while transporting valuable assets.”

TAPA members can see the network of resilience within TIS and thus are able to mitigate day-to-day operational risks.

A Living System with More Upcoming Features on TIS

While having TAPA membership is important, it is not enough on its own. Members need to be proactive and engage with the benefits that TAPA can offer, aligning their company’s values with TAPA’s vision and mission. This includes becoming certified, use of TAPA’s TIS, training people, creating a mindset change, and driving transformation. 

Thorsten emphasized that all the incidents are only the tip of the iceberg and it is important that we have the people on the ground and in the field to receive daily information to know exactly what is going on and where the risks are really occurring. TAPA seeks the support of all TAPA members and partners to contribute incident data and put in their feedback or suggestions to support continuous development for TIS. 

To learn more about TAPA Intelligence System (TIS), please email to tis@tapa-apac.org.


About the Speaker

Mr. Thorsten Neumann                                                                          President & CEO TAPA EMEA

Mr. Thorsten Neumann is currently TAPA EMEA President & CEO with over 20 years of experience in Industrial Loss Prevention & Security. He has served in a voluntary capacity as chairman of TAPA’s Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region since 2006. Over the last 13 years, he has been part of a TAPA EMEA leadership team that has delivered unprecedented growth and benefits for the Association.


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