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SCRS 2023: Driving Leaders of Resilience & Supply Chains of Tomorrow

SCRS Conference Day 1 Session #13

Driving Leaders of Resilience & Supply Chains of Tomorrow

By Mr. Madu Lokan, Executive Director, TAPA APAC


Supply chain resilience is a crucial aspect of business operations, enabling companies to navigate through uncertain and rapidly changing environments. In highly volatile industries, where disruptions are commonplace, the ability to adapt and maintain operational excellence becomes paramount. By prioritizing resilience within the supply chains, organizations can ensure continuity and effectively manage risks.

Implementing Knowledge to Foster Resilience

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about learning, it’s about taking this knowledge back into your work and seeing the results”, said Mr. Madu Lokan, Executive Director of TAPA APAC during the closing remarks. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, business owners in the supply chain industry can effectively mitigate risks and streamline their business processes. 

This integration of knowledge and application allows for a better understanding of the complexities involved in supply chain management. By implementing theoretical concepts in practical scenarios, business owners can identify potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities in their supply chain. This enables business owners to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to address these issues, resulting in a more efficient and resilient supply chain.

TAPA Programmes – Key to Clarity, Growth & Achievement in a Complex Landscape 

TAPA Standards are widely recognized as one of the ideal tools for business owners and leaders to achieve their objectives with clarity. TAPA Standards provide valuable insights and strategies that empower individuals to make informed decisions and effectively navigate the complexities of the global supply chain. By participating in the TAPA programme, business owners and leaders gain a deeper understanding of their industry, identify key areas for growth, and develop actionable plans to achieve their business goals.

Vital Role of Acquiring Expertise to Achieve Resilience

Madu concluded his speech with a perspective that sheds light on the significance of converting information into intelligent knowledge with the help of industry experts. This viewpoint underscores the crucial role of acquiring expertise and insights from professionals who possess a profound understanding of the field. It is now imperative to distinguish between mere information and true intelligence, and this is precisely where seeking consultation with experts becomes essential.

To know more about TAPA Standards, visit https://tapa-apac.org/tapa-security-standards/


About the Speaker

Mr. Madu Lokan                                                                                    Executive Director, TAPA APAC

Mr. Madu Lokan, a seasoned executive in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, is a strong advocate of providing efficient service and value to the logistics and supply chain community. Currently serving as the Executive Director of TAPA APAC since 2021, Madu Lokan is also part of TAPA’s World Wide Council as well as World-Wide Change Control Board for Standards.


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