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SCRS 2023: Charting the Path Forward: Future-Proofing Supply Chains

SCRS Conference Day 2 Session #15

Charting the Path Forward: Future-Proofing Supply Chains

By Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC


As technology advances, customer expectations change, and global challenges arise, organizations must proactively adapt their supply chains to remain competitive and resilient in their path forward. This includes investing in comprehensive training, enhancing company operational efficiency, building trust with stakeholders, and positioning themselves as industry leaders. Organizations can stay ahead of compliance requirements and mitigate risks by ensuring that employees are well-versed in the latest TAPA standards, industry best practices and regulations. Through continuous learning and adherence to industry standards, businesses can navigate the complexities of the future to create resilient and sustainable future-proof supply chains.

Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC, highlighted the importance of its members and the industry stakeholders in driving the TAPA APAC programme, on top of having a vision and mission. Recognizing the varying degree of knowledge required by different staff, TAPA APAC plans for an advanced training system to separate the basic TAPA training knowledge from advanced auditor technical skills. This helps member companies to enhance their staff skills and knowledge based on their job function.

He commented that the recent TAPA Risk Assessment Standards (RAS) 2023 Training, which was hosted a few days before the conference, was successfully concluded with members learning valuable risk assessment methodology and techniques for their supply chain. “Document the reasoning behind the needed actions and consider engaging a consultant to deliver the message to avoid becoming the target for future threats, which is a common challenge in many companies as they are always one step behind”, Tony recommended to utilize the TAPA RAS process as a catalyst for organizational change. 

TAPA APAC will be launching New Standards and additional Standard guideline documents such as FSR-Pharmaceutical, Cold Chain, Scrap Management and Brand Protection Standards. Other upcoming courses in the pipeline include technical courses for weaving TAPA Standards into contract agreements and legal courses to help member companies realize the Return on Investment (ROI) on implementation of TAPA Standards.

The tobacco industry has also requested additional additions to the TSR, while courier fleets have found the current TSR not applicable to their operations. These gaps need to be addressed to ensure comprehensive auditing for CDP assessments. In cases where certain countries are resistant to US customs conducting audits, TAPA APAC can fill that void and provide added value.

TAPA APAC offers opportunities for supply chain logistics and service provides to become the association’s Premier Partner and showcase their quality products and services. Partners are chosen by TAPA APAC based on their industry expertise and encouraged to showcase real case studies and provide valuable insights. With the Premier Partner Programme, TAPA APAC aims to create a learning environment for all member companies to develop, grow, and enhance their supply chain resilience and sustainability.

In his closing speech, Tony expressed his gratitude for the support from the 2023 TAPA APAC Premier Partners – BluOcean, Sterling Group, IIRIS, and the SCRS Conference Partner – Sensorlink. He extended his thanks to the member companies for their continuous support for the association and welcome feedback for the association and industry to continue to move forward in a resilient and sustainable manner. In the near future, TAPA APAC plans to hold training, events and conferences across Asia Pacific, including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about TAPA Standards, please visit TAPA APAC website at www.tapa-apac.org or email to info@tapa-apac.org


About the Speaker

Mr. Tony Lugg                                                                              Chairman of TAPA APAC

Mr. Tony Lugg has a strong background in Supply Chain Management, Security, Law Enforcement, General Management, Electronic Security, Aviation Security, Telematics, and Global Account Management. He has extensive experience in Aviation Security and was a member of the Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers (CAPEC) Security Committee. He has successfully undergone audits for the US C-TPAT Programme (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) and Aviation Security Regulated Agent Programme throughout the globe.


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