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SCRS 2023: Breaking Barriers: Redefining Possibilities for Supply Chain Success

SCRS Conference Day 2 Session #1 Opening Keynote

Breaking Barriers: Redefining Possibilities for Supply Chain Success

By Matt Lee, Vice-Chairman of TAPA APAC


“Supply chain experienced a lot of ripples across the industry in the last couple of years,” said Mr. Matt Lee, Vice-Chairman of TAPA APAC. In the past years, during COVID-19, we have gained valuable insights from our experiences, including the unfortunate instances where things do not go as planned. But how can we take these lessons and efforts to improve? It is important to us that we learn from these experiences and prevent them from reoccurring in the future. “There are a lot of strategies that we talk about, and there are many comparisons between traditional and innovative ways of doing things,” Matt added.

Future of Supply Chain: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

What is the future of the supply chain? “The future is bright; we talk about AI, machine learning, and deep learning. AI is a huge framework that consists of a lot of strategies.” Matt said. How do we adapt those strategies to our daily operations? I think that is a challenge that all of us face today. But it is a huge opportunity for us to explore going forward. It says very clearly that this is an unstoppable trend, the automation, the conversation of how AI can help to craft the process going forward, and value-adding to our operations,” Matt continued.

If you’re not applying the AI superpowers across your organization and thinking deeply about reinvention, you are already behind

Michael Dell (CEO and Chairman at Dell Technologies)

The need for AI innovation surrounding the interconnectivity between businesses and all individuals involved is becoming increasingly apparent. These conversations should be initiated as we collectively consider how to align with business objectives. It is important for us to explore ways to streamline processes and ensure that we establish strong connections with the business from various perspectives, including our ideas and approaches.

Human is the Innovation

Matt continued to share examples of how Dell Technologies take on the AI approach – internally and externally with partners. An excellent demonstration of an AI collaboration between Nvidia and Dell Technologies, AI implementation with Project Helix. “Having said all the benefits of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and innovation is not just about AI. It’s about you and me, everybody here. The human is the innovation; we are the ones who made use of the tool that we created in the form of AI, in terms of automation”, Matt said.

Matt brought up another example of Dell’s innovation of digital twins. We are early in our adoption of digital twins, in putting life real scenario data into digital twins, test runs many times, making sure that it’ll work in the life environment. Those are classic examples of how we use innovation and automation tools to help us. The essence here is everybody here will have to have the impression that humans are actually the innovation force, not AI, not automation. Those are tools we created to help us be innovative,” Matt said. 

He highlighted that the essence of supply chain security is not only dependent on technologies. Whilst AI is important, but not the only factor. Businesses need to understand the explicit pain points of the customers, articulate risks in business terms, and finally invest limited resources where it matters most. The industry needs to embrace new technologies to improve business efficiency and supply chain security.

TAPA APAC New Trainings and Certifications

Matt highlighted the importance of TAPA APAC’s new training and certifications, “Not forgetting the certifications and training that TAPA APAC is offering to all the members, I hope you can share these TAPA APAC programmes with friends who are not yet a TAPA APAC member. We have multiple new initiatives coming up for TAPA APAC this year and in the following years to help our members be more prepared and qualified in many different areas, including emerging technology, risk assessment, cyber, and so on. Hopefully, we can have a unified platform going forward that can help us secure a more resilient supply chain.”

To learn more about TAPA Standards, please visit TAPA APAC website at www.tapa-apac.org or email to info@tapa-apac.org


About the Speaker

Mr. Matt Lee                                                                                            Director of Corporate Security, Dell Technologies                                Vice-Chairman, TAPA APAC

Mr. Matt Lee is TAPA APAC Vice-Chairman. Matt is also the Director of Corporate Security at Dell Technologies, an experienced Safety and Security Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductor, energy, and technology industry. He is professionally skilled in Crisis & Risk Management, Close Protection, and Regional Security Operations.


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