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RMIT experts weigh in on Australian food supply shortages


As Australia continues to battle the issue of food supply shortages being experienced in the face of the Omicron outbreak, academics from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, have given some extra insight into the cause of the crisis and possible solutions.


Migrant labour played an important role in Australia’s food supply chain and the COVID-19 pandemic, and all the restrictions therein, had taken a toll on the migrant work force. Migrants have traditionally played a huge role, from picking produce to transporting it across the country. With the abrupt closure of our borders in 2020, that supply has been cut off,” RMIT said. “This, coupled with the strict rules surrounding isolation and quarantine, has created the perfect storm we are experiencing today.

There are plenty of low wage jobs to go around and not nearly enough people willing or able to fill them.” RMIT said the capability to automate more tasks across the food and beverage supply chain was one possible solution, and one that could mitigate the risk of another shortage in the future.

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