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Quad Summit 2021: A joint initiative towards Safe supply chain of Semiconductors


The leaders of the Quad nations have decided to concentrate on creating a safe supply chain for semiconductors. This implies that the quad nations are looking forward to expanding their scope against the manufacturing giant, China in the Indo-Pacific. Focusing on technological development, the four-nation framework may soon confirm resilient, diverse, and secure technology supply chains for hardware and software that are of utmost importance to their national interest.

A joint statement was released that stressed the challenges that are currently being faced in regards to the illicit transfer and theft of technology. Hence, quad nations believe that the technology has to be designed and developed in a way that can be shared and shaped by the countries on democratic values. The statement mentioned that the countries are gearing to launch a joint initiative in order to determine individual’s capacity and their vulnerability in the supply chain for semiconductors. Meanwhile, quad nations, the US and Japan have 30% of the chipmaking capacity, while Australia and India do not have any leading chipmakers.

The Indian semiconductor industry provides high growth potential areas for the future of the country. In the last few years, the government has increased focus in this sector in order to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency in the electronic sector. Various government interventions have been taken over the years.

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