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Police Bust Illegal Cough Syrup Factory in Meghalaya, India


Law enforcement agencies in Meghalaya have achieved a remarkable feat by cracking down on an underground production facility illegally manufacturing counterfeit cough syrups. This illicit operation produced and smuggled fake cough syrups laced with the highly addictive substance phensedyl into neighbouring Bangladesh.

On the first of October in 2023, local law enforcement, acting on a tip, executed a focused raid on a warehouse situated in Khliehriat, a district in East Jaintia Hills. The authorities uncovered a haul of 9,883 counterfeit cough syrup bottles within the premises and apprehended those suspected of involvement in the matter.

After further investigation, the authorities were led to an underground facility in Ummulong. It was discovered that this hidden factory was responsible for producing these illicit syrups. The facility’s owner revealed that a significant portion of the counterfeit cough syrups were being smuggled across the border to Bangladesh.

During the operation, the police seized 600 bottles of elcodyl cough syrup, 10 bottles of a flavoring agent, 11 bottles of food coloring, a substantial amount of phensedyl, and several pharmacology-related books. The seizure also included cartons, phensedyl labels, bottles, caps, a bottling machine, and approximately Rs 11,000 in cash.

Following a thorough interrogation of the primary suspects, the police apprehended an additional person suspected to be connected to the illicit transportation of these prohibited syrups towards Assam.


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