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TAPA APAC Office Opens in Singapore!



TAPA APAC Office Opens in Singapore!

After months of anticipation, TAPA APAC has finally moved into the first ever office in Singapore, at Paya Lebar Quarter, on 1st December 2022. The new office marks the beginning of TAPA APAC’s decision to run the association on a full corporate structure and is also part of the change in strategic direction from the Board.

This fully-functional office will support full operations of the team and host meetings with members and associate partners. The office is fully-equipped with proper systems and compliant tools to support TAPA APAC members and activities. Devices and equipment have been upgraded to better assist the team in their daily activities for the members.

All TAPA APAC members are welcome to visit the office. The office is open from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm (GMT+8). It is recommended to arrange a visit with the TAPA APAC team to ensure a smooth and pleasant visit.

The establishment of the new office is one of TAPA APAC’s commitment to enhancing the value for members moving forward. TAPA APAC will continue to invest in quality resources and structural upgrades across training, memberships, certifications and marketing. Members will see a significant change in membership services and activities to help support their business functional needs.

The office features an external open-space area for open discussions and an enclosed TAPA-only room with digital key access. The TAPA APAC team will actively administer the office space and ensure all documents and devices are kept secured.


1 Paya Lebar Link
Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), Tower 1
Tel: +65 6914 0892


For more information about the office or to plan a visit, please email to info@tapa-apac.org.

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