New 2023 TAPA APAC WeChat Official Account Sets Sail


Starting March 2023, our new WeChat official account “TAPA APAC” welcomes all members with a brand-new look and new beginning.

The new 2023 TAPA APAC WeChat official account provides all TAPA APAC members and enterprises in the supply chain with the most cutting-edge supply chain news, technical information, follow-up discussions on industry issues and events, interviews and opinions of industry leaders, and TAPA APAC’s various activities.

This official account not only serves TAPA APAC members, but also is open to all supply chain leaders who are concerned about supply chain security such as government officials, law enforcement agencies, educational partners and industry associations. We are committed to making this official account a professional, open and inclusive platform for all supply chain stakeholders.

In 2023, TAPA APAC new Board of Directors was established. Led by Chairman, Mr. Tony Lugg, the Board will be more accurately assign roles and responsibilities across the management based on experience and knowledge to address specific issues within the Asia Pacific region and strive to improve the service quality for members in each region. In December of the same year, Mr. Alvin Lau has been assigned as the Executive Director for Greater China to lead the development and future of Greater China, especially China, and is committed to bringing TAPA’s industry standards, TAPA’s leading technology and high-quality services to all members in China, Hongkong and Taiwan. Read more about TAPA APAC Board of Director and team introduction.

On October 18, 2021, TAPA China was officially set-up in Qiantan, Pudong, Shanghai, granting TAPA APAC the legal and compliant license to commence activities in China, which has more than 200 member companies. Mr. Alan Liu was appointed as the Official Representative for TAPA China to lead and guide all activities. With the TAPA China team situated within Shanghai, the proximity allowed the team to communicate with relevant government departments seamlessly, gaining the local government’s attention and support to organize various member activities and industry forums to strengthen exchanges among industry personnel and promote industry progress. The team answers queries and solve concerns for members directly and provide more convenient services. TAPA China authorizes an experienced team from Shanghai Joint Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Promotion Center (SUPER) to operate its various functions, laying a solid foundation for TAPA APAC’s continuous development in Greater China. Read more about TAPA China and SUPER team introduction.

Finally, we welcome all members to follow our new WeChat official account “TAPA APAC”, where we can exchange our knowledge and ideas to enhance supply chain resilience.

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We look forward to having more members joining TAPA APAC and TAPA China to communicate and grow together on this new WeChat platform. For more information or if you have any queries regarding the TAPA APAC WeChat page, please email to us at