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Microsoft launches cybersecurity services to help clients fight off ransomware and other attacks


Microsoft’s security business is growing faster than any of its main products, and now the company is adding heft to its offerings with three new services designed to help organizations spot and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Microsoft is among the leaders in cloud software and infrastructure, which means its technology is already the backbone for many businesses of all sizes. That puts the company in position to not only make security software available to its client base, but also offer consulting-oriented services in a market where demand far exceeds supply.

The investment comes as organizations ramp up their security spending to manage the increased threats of ransomware attacks and network hacks. Last year, Microsoft and other technology companies pledged to help fill about 500,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S., and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said annual research and development spending in cybersecurity would jump to $4 billion from $1 billion.


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