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Our mission at TAPA APAC is to continually enhance the value we provide to our members, and this year is no exception. We thank one and all who attended the Special Members Online Webinar Meeting on Oct-12th 2023.

As shared in the meeting, TAPA APAC’s 2024 Membership Structure was proposed, seconded and the motion moved without any objection.

We understand there could be questions from our existing members and potential new membership applicants. In this communication we share below the enhanced and updated TAPA APAC’s 2024 Membership Structure, Entitlements, Benefits and Pricing which has been crafted after careful deliberation and feedback from the members. Please read through below as well as the attachment 2024 Membership Subscription which also has a detailed FAQ section.

Existing Membership Structure, Benefits and Pricing

Existing members will continue to be part of the current Membership entitlements and benefits upon renewal. Option to upgrade to the 2024 New Membership Structure, Entitlements and Benefits, is also provided if needed, by paying the upgrade fee.

(effective from Jan-01-2024 for all member companies (existing as well as new in 2024)
  • New Improved Membership: Membership categories have been clearly defined for ease of new member company applications whereby applicants would choose the category their core business belongs to (Buyer, LSP, SSP). Once a category is chosen, applicants choose the type (CF, CL, Enterprise) based on their needs for the entitlements and benefits.
  • Buyer Category: Member companies with holding assets / inventory / merchandise in their books – Manufacturers / Shippers. The Buyers are owners of assets.
  • LSP Category:  Logistics Service Providers appointed by Buyers for warehousing, distribution, transportation of the merchandise / assets. The LSPs are custodians of Buyers’ assets.
  • SSP Category: All other companies who do not fall under the Buyer or LSP categories will be under SSP Category. This includes Guarding Security Service, Insurance, IT Solution Companies, Turnkey solution providers, Consulting Companies, etc. A separate Guarding Security Provider (GSP) category is under deliberation and will be notified to all members should there be any changes.
  • Enterprise Type: Enterprise is a new type for MNCs under Buyer, LSP, SSP categories to opt for one Regional / Group Holding Membership account covering TAPA APAC countries (from Pakistan to New Zealand including China, Japan, Korea) instead of multiple membership accounts across various APAC countries. This will reduce multiple administration and finance charges, saves resources and manhours, increases efficiency and helps all countries under the Enterprise to operate with ease and visibility to the Regional Heads.
  • Exclusive C-Suite Club: To address changing trend, provide insights and solutions to industry challenges and add more value to members business, TAPA APAC will conduct exclusive leaders only sessions.
  • Upgraded Training & Increased Entitlements: Training courses will be divided into 3 phases – TAPA Awareness Training (overview on TAPA, TAPA Standards, programmes and benefits), TAPA Standards Training (FSR, TSR, GSR, RAS, etc.,) and TAPA Standards Authorized Auditor Training (AA Course). Standards Training course and Authorized Auditor course will be on the new TAPA APAC Learning Management System (LMS) platform. TAPA Awareness training will be scheduled quarterly or on demand basis conducted via online webinar. Member companies, starting from 2024, could allocate their workforce based on varying needs of their business.
  • AI-enhanced TAPA APAC Intelligence System (TIS): TIS is an incident database developed by TAPA to enable members to view and analyze global cargo crime incidents; also captured are TAPA certified sites details that help Buyers and Service Providers in their business. Each member company will receive a TIS account credentials allocated to their internal Administrative support (Primary Management Representative – PMR) for TAPA.
  • Streamlined Administrative Support: To improve communications and efficiency, ensure all TAPA certificates reach members, invoices received, etc., member companies are requested to appoint a Primary Management Representative (PMR) to interact with TAPA APAC on membership, training, audit & certification, marketing, events, etc. This PMR of the member would function as the only Point of Contact (POC) with TAPA on any queries.
All these new features will be made available from Jan 2024 onwards for new members as well as existing members upon renewal of membership.

Download 2024 Membership Structure & FAQ

Beginning November 1st, 2023, TAPA APAC members will receive the Renewal Email notice. Members can choose to renew at existing price and entitlements or upgrade to 2024 price and entitlements. All new features will be available from Jan 2024 onwards upon renewal. Should you wish to upgrade to the New Membership Pricing and Entitlements, or upgrade Membership type from CL to CF or to Enterprise, please write to Membership@tapa-apac.org

We are confident that the updated 2024 New Membership Subscription and engagement will enhance the value you receive from your TAPA APAC membership, foster greater collaboration, and drive resilience within our community. We look forward to your continued support and participation in TAPA APAC in the coming year.

In the attachment together with the 2024 Membership Subscription, a detailed FAQ is also given. If there are any more questions, structure or renewal process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Membership Services team at membership@tapa-apac.org.

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