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Making the world go ’round: Circularity in supply chains


Never before have the complexities and the crucial role of supply chains been so clear to the public. Issues related to supply and demand of certain products have highlighted the need for greater visibility into inventories and movement through distribution. But that is not the only issue on people’s minds.

Online shopping has shifted distribution channels. Product shortages have frustrated consumers. Delivery has become a hot button. While shoppers need more convenient delivery options, they’re also becoming more aware of the impacts of their choices – from the food they eat, to the way it is produced, to the packaging it’s delivered in. Sustainability is a growing concern. In fact, new research shows that 49% of consumers are now considering sustainability when buying food and drink.

The infrastructure for corrugated recovery and recycling is very well established in commercial supply chains, but now that more boxes go directly to consumers’ households and less to retail establishments, municipal recycling programs are becoming a more important source of recovered fiber. That means those curbside and drop-off recycling programs are playing an even more vital role than ever, and consumer participation is crucial.

CPG companies and retailers can do their part by providing products in recyclable corrugated boxes, and by purchasing boxes that are right sized for optimal material use. Equally important, make sure that the boxes are marked with the Corrugated Recycles emblem and go the extra mile to encourage consumers to place the empty boxes into their recycling bins.

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