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Logistics Supervisor Jailed for Stealing in Singapore Company


A 33-year-old supervisor in charge of logistics at a logistics company has been convicted and sentenced to 12 months in prison for stealing antigen rapid test (ART) kits worth over $330,000. The supervisor devised a plan and involved an unwitting accomplice, a part-time driver who had responded to a delivery job advertisement in a chat group. Unaware of the illegal activities, the driver transported the stolen goods from the premises of the supply chain company to the supervisor on five separate occasions. The supervisor then proceeded to sell the stolen ART kits to two unsuspecting directors of another company.

The audacious thefts eventually caught up with the logistic supervisor when a company director requested more ART kits. In response, the supervisor instructed the driver to collect as many as possible, resulting in a haul of 30 cartons worth $86,400. However, the supply chain company discovered the missing cartons on the same day and notified the supervisor of their intention to involve the police.

In a desperate attempt to cover his tracks, the supervisor told the director to delete all communication and dispose of his phone. Unfortunately, these actions were too late. The total value of the supervisor’s thefts, including those considered during sentencing, amounted to $336,960. Only six cartons worth $20,200 were recovered by the police, leaving the majority of the stolen ART kits unaccounted for.

During the sentencing hearing, the Deputy Public Prosecutor strongly advocated for a 12-month jail term for the logistic supervisor. The prosecutor emphasized the extensive planning and premeditation involved in the thefts, as well as the supervisor’s exploitation of his position and recruitment of an accomplice. Furthermore, the prosecutor highlighted the challenges in detecting such offenses and pointed out the supervisor’s attempts to erase all evidence of his crimes.

Not only did the logistic supervisor face legal consequences, but his actions also disrupted the crucial supply of medical resources during a pandemic, adding layer of public health implications to his crimes.


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