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If you are a TAPA APAC member, please request the document from your company’s Primary Member Representative (PMR).

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    Document to Request: TAPA FSR 2023 English VersionTAPA FSR 2020 English VersionTAPA FSR 2020 Chinese Version 中文版TAPA FSR 2020 Audit FormTAPA FSR 2020 Certification Framework DocumentTAPA FSR 2020 Certification Framework DocumentFSR Waiver Form

    Document to Request: TAPA TSR 2023 English VersionTAPA TSR 2020 English VersionTAPA TSR 2020 Chinese Version 中文版TAPA TSR 2020 Audit FormTSR Locking Systems GuidanceTSR Waiver Form

    Document to Request: TAPA GSR 2017 Audit FormGSR Level 3 Self-Certification Submission FormGSR Waiver Form