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Kart Achieves Supply Chain Excellence For its Transport Fleet with TAPA Certification



KART build on its key industry advantages of reliability, safety and compliance with TAPA TSR Level 2 Certification providing full visibility of its trucking fleet 

China, Shenzhen – 20 April, 2020 – KART, a pioneer company in creating an ASEAN-wide cross-border transportation network, earns the Trucking Security Requirement (TSR) 2017 Level 2 certification from Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) for 10 of its ground trucking fleet. The certification is an internationally recognized standard for the qualification of companies’ supply chain compliance and resilience.

Tony Lugg TAPA APAC Chairman said, “From my own experience of managing Logistics Service Providers across complex supply chains, achieving TAPA certification actually improves the operational performance, customer satisfaction and overall efficiencies. Logistics companies which embark on these journeys are well received in the market as high quality. I congratulate KART on achieving Level 2 certification. Not only are cost savings made from reducing the risk of service failure, they are also achieved by eliminating hidden costs.”

Attaining the TAPA TSR 2017 certification underscores KART’s focus on ongoing supply chain improvement to deliver customer-focused road transportation services that builds on their key advantages – reliable, safe and compliant. KART’s decision to fulfil the TAPA Trucking Security Requirement is a huge undertaking and it highlights to their customers KART’s commitment to ensure consistency and quality service across its servicing locations in ASEAN. The certification demonstrates KART as a leader in the industry in providing quality services.

KART’s core cross-border transportation service network, addressing the China ASEAN region, is increasingly recognized by high-end technology and fast-moving fashion industries for their parts-assembly and finished goods delivery to consumer markets. KART offers solutions by shortening door-to-door delivery and overall delivery lead-times.  Offering 30 hours between Southern China and Hanoi, Vietnam and 72 hours between Southern China to Bangkok, KART offers its customers significant business advantage over air-freight and sea-freight solutions. Mrs Annie Cheung, Deputy General Manager of KART China said “We are so glad to obtain the TAPA TSR 2017 certification this year. We are providing global security standards, recognized industry practices, and updated market information which help us gain trust from the customers and become a market pioneer.”

“Lack of visibility in complex supply chains has left some businesses scrambling for limited resources, uncertain still of how badly they are affected. Visibility of its shipments are key for any customer and KART’s decision to ensure a robust monitoring of its transportation fleet that is equipped with 24/7 GPS monitoring, central locking and well-trained staff is key in protecting their clients’ valuable products in the supply chain” Tony Lugg said.

“SGS did the most TAPA TSR certification in the Asia-pacific region. Through certification activities, SGS auditors are able to share with KART about the best practices and assist them to enhance their security level of the whole supply chain” said Ivan Ha, SGS TAPA APAC Regional Manager.

Their strong commitment to security ensures products are transports faster and more securely with TAPA-certified standards with less risk and improved performance.

TAPA is an independent, global supply chain compliance association that brings together companies, experts and authorities to provide industry recognized specifications, audits and real-time world-wide information incident system that focuses on reducing losses and enhancing supply chain security. With more than 1,600 member companies globally, TAPA is one of the most recognized supply chain standards.

About KART

KART is a unique transport solution that caters to the rapidly growing demand for effective long-haul trucking as well as sea-land and air-land services connecting countries across ASEAN, especially with emerging economies such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar, and into China. As the pioneer in creating the ASEAN-wide cross-border road transportation network, KART owns a network of more than 7 hubs across ASEAN and mainland China, supported by a professional fleet of more than 260 self-owned container trucks. KART is a member of TAPA Asia Pacific.

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