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In India, Police Busted a Gang Who Stole Agrochemicals Meant for Export


A gang involved in the theft of agrochemicals meant for export has been apprehended by the police. The stolen chemicals, valued at Rs 8 crore, have been successfully recovered. Two individuals, namely a truck driver and a businessman, have been arrested for their alleged participation in the theft. However, there are still six other truck drivers who are yet to be apprehended.

The stolen goods were discovered at various locations in and around the city. The accused individuals had cleverly replaced the chemical bags with sandbags in order to maintain the weight of the containers during delivery at Hazira port.

Two cases of theft have been registered at the Kosamba police station in Surat district. Additionally, the Detection of Crime Branch in Vadodara is currently investigating another theft case.

The stolen chemicals belonged to two companies located in Jambusar GIDC and Saykha GIDC in Bharuch district, as well as another company in Vadodara. The thefts were only discovered when the consignments reached their intended destinations in Germany and the US.

Upon finding sandbags instead of the expected chemicals, the recipients promptly alerted the exporters. The ongoing police investigation has revealed that the accused individuals took the trucks to an industrial plot in Bajrang, where they stole the bags of chemicals.

It appears that a gang is operating this theft operations, and we are still in the process of arresting some key players according to the police. The accused individuals were in contact with the truck drivers and enlisted their help in stealing the products. However, they were unable to find buyers for the stolen material due to the lack of local demand for these chemicals. The investigation has also revealed that the businessman was actively seeking buyers for the stolen chemicals.

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