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Important Announcement: TAPA APAC Credentials Issuance – Membership, Training and Standards Certifications


Dear members,

Starting this year, please note that all Credentials issued by TAPA APAC will be issued solely through our secured, digital blockchain certification system. This will be sent only to the appointed Primary Member Representative (PMR) of the Member Company. 
The Credentials / Certificates issued will include:
  • TAPA FSR/TSR/GSR/RAS Standards Certifications after completion and approval of Audit (including audit done by IAB)
  • TAPA Standards Trained Certificates and Authorized Auditor (AA) certificates after completion of Training
  • TAPA APAC Membership certificate after completion of Membership onboard
Authenticity and credibility play a crucial part in any certificate, the TAPA APAC blockchain certification system is specially designed to provide the following key benefits:
  • Accessible 24/7 digitally
  • Instant-verifiable with unique tracking QR code for authenticity
  • Ease of sharing and download
  • Automation and streamlined certification process for improved efficiency and speed of issuance
  • Centrally controlled and validated by TAPA APAC Compliance team for greater trust and credibility
Details of all TAPA APAC Approved IABs and their contact details are attached for your reference.
We appreciate your commitment to maintain high standards of supply chain resilience through TAPA Standards, and these certifications are a testament to your commitment and excellence! It is crucial and highly recommended to share and showcase your TAPA APAC credentials on your webpages, communications and social media. Read More
Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Compliance Team at  
Thank you for your continued support.
Best regards,
Mr. Madu Lokan
Executive Director

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